Monday, August 15, 2011

The Monday Poll

This week I got you. Against your better judgement you (yes, you) will vote in this week's The Monday Poll. You won't be able to resist. I am in fact so confident you will vote this week I'ma challenge you not to. Don't do it. Continue being a taker. Continue to enjoy VFTD without giving anything back or sharing your point of view with the rest of us. It's cool. But you will vote--this time.
As you may know--unless you're like totally out of the loop or tragically unhip--there has been real (legit) major league merger talks going on with all reports (leaks) suggesting things are progressing positively. One of the issues unsettled to date is the final format a merged league would offer to the hardcore tournament playing public. (Yeah, I said it. So what? They can deny it. They can ignore it. Whatever. It's true. I didn't violate omerta first, they did yo.) So what better question could the world's only dedicated to competitive paintball blog ask: What format would you like to see a single merged league offer?
VFTD will be listing a variety of options that have been bandied about in both conversations and on the web. You pick your favorite and let the league powers know what you want. (If one or more have features you want pick the one closest to your ideal choice. Trying to put all the options in the list would be ridiculous.) If none of the choices meets your approval post up your ideas in the comments. I don't even need to encourage you to vote this week.

Monday Poll in Review
I have reconciled myself to your (yes, you) intransigence--at least when it comes to The Monday Poll. A miserable 75 votes? You should be ashamed of yourselves for the embarrassment of riches you eschew but it's still okay. I'm good with it but I must say I worry about y'all. It's a sign of weak moral fiber--not that I'm judging 'cus I'm not--just saying. And if I won't tell you the truth, who will?
For those who did vote the results fell within the range I expected and which mostly corresponds with past event turnouts. (For those familiar with recent NPPL event attendance. Not those hoping to hype the numbers.) (Over the two plus years of the current NPPL's existence the league has averaged under 70 teams per event.) The voting majority (34%) chose the 51-75 team category which would be consistent with the norm, particularly as this is not an HB or Vegas event. 22% went with under 50 and given the DC event has been the least well attended in the past that's no necessarily a bad call but with 15 Pro teams guaranteed to end up under 50 is expecting a pretty miserable turnout. 26% went with 76-90 teams. Again, not unreasonable but perhaps a wee bit optimistic given past performance. Could happen but it seems unlikely. Above 90 but under 120 received 14% of the vote and represents actual NPPL attendees apparently--or perhaps it's the BizzaroWorld crowd chiming in. Above 120 received 1 vote and it's a toss up whether that's Chuck or Pev. You decide.
On the whole it seems the rumor talk has bolstered the general opinion of the NPPL. Odds are however it won't translate into an unexpectedly large number of actual teams showing up at Pev's place. If it did they'd probably be hard put to figure out where the extra field would go.


Anonymous said...

How about a multi-choice? Current RaceTo formats (RaceTo-everything) AND a 7-man division.

Anonymous said...

None of the above.

New format needed.

Having RaceTo is nice because it isn't 7-man.
7-man is nice because it isn't RaceTo.

They compliment each other, but combining them seems drab and potentially remedial. Not interested in any of those.

More linear based gameplay (like in video games where decisions branch off to other decisions, etc.) would be interesting and easier to market/produce/capture on film.

Anonymous said...

How about 7 man race 2, on turf, shooting semi

Anonymous said...

^On a psp type field

Baca said...

Anon #1--say hello to 2004. It worked out so well then.

Anon #2--"potentially remedial"? Hint: words don't mean what you want them to mean. And while you're at it maybe an actual suggestion? Just a thought.

Anon #3--repeat after me, There is no such thing as semi-auto with software regulated electropneumatic paintball markers. Continue until it sinks into your thick skull.

Reiner Schafer said...

"There is no such thing as semi-auto "

Oh Baca! Stop living in the real world and come join us in the theoretical world. It's way more fun here.

Congrats on your weekend endeavors by the way.

Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between psp race 2 and original Xball ?

Mike said...

Congrats on 1st Baca. Glad to see Dynasty shut down once more. Although I am a tad upset you decided to mercilessly mash Impact 7-1 on Saturday :(

Anonymous said...

You're right, I meant redundant, not remedial.

Maybe instead of asking "what will the new format be?" you should probably be asking "where will it come from?"

HINT: Ask Craig Miller if he has the money to front a professional league.

(Btw, Congratulations on the win!)

Anonymous said...

Just as long as it doesn't include cheating, err I mean ramping, who cares.

Anonymous said...

I'd guess at this point which ever currant or past format is chossen , someone will be sad. So that being said ...Make or pick the one the spectator can watch and understand, one that allows a player to use (showcase) individual skills. Make game play, a standard format that will translate down, and able to be played by the players starting out at local fields. A game that uses strategy rather than how much paint can i throw

Baca said...

Another Anon--Xball is real match play consistent with traditional sports like basketball, hockey and football. Original Xball had 25 minute halves (as the CXBL still does.) Divisional play had 16 minute halves.
Race 2 is a truncated version that is a product of the MS's Xball Lite. There are some pros & cons either way.

Thanks, Mike. We owed them that one.

Anon #2--Craig Who? It won't be coming from him unless he buys a stake that gives him a voice in a merged league. (Should it happen.)
(Btw, thanks!)

Anon #3--Ironically all the real cheating comes from the "semi-auto" side.
I know y'all love to believe your finger twitching skill is super important and not to be denied but maybe, just maybe, it's time you educated yourself on the reality of how these markers work and accept that for the time being the best trade off for fair play is ramped, capped guns.

Anonymous said...

<- Anonymous #1

Agreed that having multiple formats (RaceTo & 7-Man) may not work in the long term, but it will function the way 10-man did right before it died: give teams a means to transition from a dying format to one that might last a few extra years.

Missy Q said...

"give teams a means to transition from a dying format to one that might last a few extra years."

I think you could choose transition to either format and have this statement be true either way. IF the leagues merge, then a new format (perhaps 6 players) would be the way to go. Both sides can back a neutral format, and it will be a leveler for the teams also. No one faction will have an advantage at E1.
It will also facilitate new tactics, new drills, and hopefully breath some new life into the tip of the pyramid. I see it as positive and hope it happens amicably and without people losing their (paid) jobs.

Simon said...

10 man!

I can dream can't I?

But more realistic, would be original X-ball, or an all new format.

No sideline coaching, 15bps capped ramping. Smaller field than 7 man (maybe same size we have now), with bigger bunkers. Much bigger bunkers. :) 5 men per side. Race to 5 (or 7) points.

We need fields that encourage entertaining break outs (when is the last time we ever saw anyone break past the 50? it used to happen in 7 man and 10 man and was always fun to watch), different moves and opportunities, and swift fun play. Not repetitive breaks, bunker hugging and paint throwing.

With regards to the NJ event that field design, and the way the points ran (some 10 min+ points, and players shooting 10 pods+) was boring for me and not what I would have been expecting from the current format. It was almost like 10 man or 7 man, but with so much less of the excitement.

Congrats to TBD for the win, they played the event very well, and were impressive on a field that so many others had trouble with.

Anonymous said...

Mark said:
I chose pre-2011 ( 150x120 ) but would like to keep no coaching on pit side.
Way to bring it home! K. Brown played lights out!

Neal said...

I would prefer the 2011 dimensions with more props. The race 2 format is good, what's the point of two halves if the game is a blowout?

Anonymous said...

I take more teams with less players over fewer tems with more players.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the RaceTo format be the main format if the merger happens. I feel 7 man is a game, while raceTo/xball more resembles a sport. I'd really like to see xball come back, but I doubt anyone has the money to do that. And, blow outs are just boring to watch... RaceTo 7 - 9 I think is a great compromise. I just wish there was more of an incentive to move up the field faster in the current format.