Monday, August 1, 2011

The Monday Poll

VFTD brings back The Monday Poll--from a brief hiatus--and you people greet it with a collective yawn--except those intrepid few who actually, like, you know, voted. Still it wasn't enough and The Monday Poll is herewith being placed on super secret double probation and could easily lose its status as a regular VFTD feature unless you (yes, you) step up to the plate and vote this week. Your vote will be a vote in this week's poll and it will be a vote to keep The Monday Poll around. (What do you mean how can it be super secret if I'm telling you about it? Shut up.)
To make it easy for you this week's poll question has always been a high interest big draw question in the past so I'm doing my best to rig the game but you still need to vote. This week's question is: Will the major leagues merge in the off season? Yes, they will merge or no, they won't. Doesn't get any easier than that and the question revolves around perhaps the single biggest ongoing drama in competitive paintball. Will the third (or fourth or fifth) time be the charm? Will this finally happen after years of failed efforts? Your vote decides. Vote. Vote often. (You can't but I like saying it.) Your vote counts and it doesn't matter where you are, who you are or whether or not you've ever played a major league event in the U.S. Make your voice heard and save The Monday Poll.

Monday Poll in Review
Talk about a rough week. A tiny dose of negative reality and VFTD loses Facebook likes. How harsh is that? It's a good thing I'm not Sally Field. (Some of the oldsters might get that one.) Not to mention another weak turnout at the poll again. Oops, I just mentioned it. I'ma give all you slackers a pass this time though 'cus I didn't make it easy for you with a limited post week that was, admittedly, kind of a downer. I am however gonna take your apathy and consider the accumulated number of un-votes from the silent majority (code for lazy slackers) as affirmative interest in paintball website reviews. The actual vote came out 53 - 47 against but the tidal wave of un-votes put the yeses way over the top. Hey, at least I'm honest in my disregard for your view--if you voted against--and not that many of you actually did so I don't really feel bad about it.
And just to show you VFTD isn't going to take this opportunity to pick on easy targets or the small fry the first review, when I get around to doing it, will of the 800 lb. gorilla of paintball websites, PBN. (No worries, John, the review might even turn out positively. Stranger things and all that.)

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