Monday, April 9, 2012

The (Dual) Monday Poll

Another VFTD first! The Dual Monday Poll! Now you might think given the relative failure of the inaugural Mega Monday poll that VFTD might think twice before doing something similar again. And you'd be wrong. Because the response given by you people--yes, I went there--was (and is) completely irrelevant since VFTD's primary purpose is to amuse me. And I am amused.
This time the poll is actually two polls. (What do you mean that doesn't sound particularly special? Who asked you?) The first poll let's you pick a winner for the PSP Phoenix pro. The second poll gives you a series of statements--one of which you can agree with as most likely to occur during the PSP Phoenix event. Two polls, one Monday. Lucky you. Now don't be a party pooper, get out there and vote--then do it again. One vote for each poll. If there are enough votes I just might delay my new St. Tropez posts. Your call. (Not really.)


Anonymous said...

APPA is showing that Mike Carthy is on the squad - and no JRab. Can we just assume this is a software glitch?

Baca Loco said...