Saturday, April 21, 2012

Special Friday Edition: Monday Poll in Review

I'm gonna  say it right upfront. I'm a little disappointed. In the voter turnout picking a D1 winner for PSP Phoenix, that is. Yeah, it was a short week but if you want more divisional content you gotta do your part--like vote. Otherwise what am to think? Your apathy and general laziness might just convince me I'm wasting valuable blog space showing any love to the div kids. Just saying.
Of course a poll like this might, not unreasonably, be considered as much a referendum on teams and players that read this blog, too. Four teams received no votes. A handful received less than 5% of the vote. The top  vote getter was Topgun U at 32%. Still a lot of faith in their ability to bounce back. Pirates came in second at 17%--and why not? they won a soggy Galveston and they're playing the same layout again in Phoenix. Static was a strong third at 11% after finishing top 4 in Galveston. And despite an unexpectedly poor showing in Texas the VCK kids were fourth at 7%. Rounding out the top half all tied at 5% were L.I.F.T., RNT, NJJ & Tx Storm.
After the first day of play L.I.F.T. & RNT split to finish 1-1 while the hard luck continued for VCK who dropped both their Friday matches by a single point each time. The rest of the top vote getters (plus Fuzion) all went 2-0 today so it looks like Saturday will separate the men from the boys--and maybe even the women from the girls.

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