Saturday, April 21, 2012

PSP Phoenix

We're out. You're only as good as your last game. (Which means we suck.) (No, that is not a comment about our opponents. All any team can do is play the guys in front of them and do their best. They won when they needed to.) Good luck to everyone left. Don't ask what happened. I understand the curiosity but at core its a internal team issue so it's off limits. To say I'm slightly irate is an understatement. This is gonna take a few days to process so I'll start posting again (after today's post) only after I can do so without wanting to break things. It may be a few days.
What I've seen of the webcast has looked great. I can't speak to the content as I haven't heard much and frankly I won't be watching tomorrow (Sunday). (If we're not playing I honestly don't care what happens. I don't know if that makes me a poor sport and a bad person but that is just the way it is.) To the PSP and Paintball Access's credit there certainly is a lot of effort and expense being put into the webcast. For those who don't know the object is to build the numbers of viewers. This project will succeed or fail on the numbers. Sufficient numbers will attract advertising dollars. Advertising dollars have the potential to transform the competitive game.
And on that score I've gotta take a couple of peeps to account. Everybody or anybody other than ProPaintball--who was authorized to offer a feed link--offering the webcast feed is/was way outta line. They aren't doing you or paintball a favor. In fact they are doing paintball a disservice and in at least one case actively stealing the webcast feed after intentionally defeating security measures designed to stop them doing what they did. The other effect of taking the feed--besides trying to enhance their own website hits on the basis of somebody else's time, money & effort is they were the ones also largely responsible for the difficulties some had in accessing the webcast because they were connecting prior to the feed being uploaded to the servers which offered much greater capacity and bandwidth. If that wasn't enough there was apparently also an effort being made to draw viewers from the Paintball Access direct link based on the problems caused by the people "stealing" the feed.
Strikes me as kinda odd. Paintball Access inadvertently uses a photo given to them and all hell breaks loose--unauthorized sites "steal" the webcast and there's nary a peep from anybody. I'm just glad everybody loves paintball so damned much.
You might also keep in mind there wouldn't be any version of fantasy paintball if it weren't for the effort being made to accumulate the stats the game is based on. Well, guess what if the stats don't pay off. If the webcast doesn't pay off all of that will stop. If you seriously want to support competitive paintball you might want to take a minute and figure out just what that really means--and what you can do that will really make a difference.


Nick Brockdorff said...

Don't think anyone knew they were "unauthorized" :O

Maybe before the next event, PBA should make public who is streaming legally, so that people can vote with their feet (or mouse, as it were)?

And yes, it's a disgrace, and I hope the companies in question are getting their pants sued off, s well as getting named and shamed!

Anonymous said...

Looking at YOU SocialPaintball! Shame.

Anonymous said...


Paintball is floating on a turd down shit creek right now. Paintball can't even afford to advertise within paintball, so why would any other be involved with a poor and broken system of sport?

We've seen the evidence; viewership is down, participation is down, these guys had years to get it together and they haven't put the simplest pieces together yet in developing any sort of plan. Where is the value in watching 8 straight hours of paintball? I'm sorry, but there isn't any. Don't care about the stats either because unless a team is going home with the event, it doesn't matter.

"Fantasy paintball"? I hate to break it to you, but this industry and game is pure fantasy already.

It would be great if these pipe dreams came to fruit but they haven't and they only have themselves to blame.

What a joke.

Random Guy said...

First off, the overall viewer count for the webcast will increase no matter what site it's viewed from. Instead of shaming other websites for sharing the live feed, you should take into consideration that they are helping boost the overall view count by making it easily accessible to their website's audience. Not to mention, there were several times when's website crashed, and people weren't able to access the webcast, but they were able to view the webcast from other sites that had it embedded. If the webcast did crash, that's a good/bad thing. It's a good thing because that means that a TON of people are watching it, causing the server to crash. It's a bad thing because the SERVER CRASHED. It's not due to the other websites embedding the video, it's due to Paintball Access having an unreliable web server. They've spent so much money on the webcast and forgot to throw some of that money towards an internet server that can host so many viewers. We've seen this with their APPA website in the past as well. Their APPA website crashes all of the time when too many people view it at once because their company hasn't invested their money into better web servers. In conclusion, your argument is void. I too share the passion for this sport to grow to its potential, but trust me .. Your argument is far from the truth. Keep up the great blog posts though & I hope Damage kills throughout the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Random Guy...

That was stupid.

The whole point of PBA knocking out the competition, Lane taking photographers off the field (by request from a few "disgruntled" "professional" photographers) and having exclusive rights to content is to make money.

But- that too is pointless when an entire sport feels entitled to this and that. It won't sell and although I respect the team behind the webcast, there is no doubt an environment of superiority where there should not be.

sdawg said...

Anon #2 wtf are you even talking about.

Baca, the webcast is amazing. Camera angles are not missing very much action. And the commentary is informative and entertaining.

Nice of your guys to let someone else have a chance at gold, as well as giving my hometown pro team their first Sunday in the PSP in a while.

Baca Loco said...

Anon #2
I understand the impulse to go negative and I'm not sold on all this working as hoped--but I am glad somebody both believes in the potential and is willing to spend money trying to make it happen.

Random Guy
Next time I need an anonymous internet expert I'll be sure to give you a call. In the meantime I have no reason not to believe what I was told.

You're not welcome. ;)

Neal said...

@Anon: 2 This was the best, most professional webcast I've ever seen. Working with what they have, I was floored at what Dave and the PBA production/stat crew was able to achieve. I tuned in and out for most of the day, catching the best matchups and staying engaged for a period of time longer than a sunday football game. I agree that ad dollars is a bit of a far fetched idea in the short term, but if PBA and the PSP can financially keep this going for a few seasons, I think the game will garner serious attention from media outlets larger than This was not your typical mickey mouse paintball half-attempt, this was very real and those responsible deserve the highest praise, not sketchy negativity.

Anonymous said...

I agree. No other webcast has held as much of my attention as this one has. It's sad to think people are getting sour on Pat's hard work and vision.

Baca please tune in. You have a quasi following and some of us would really like to hear what your opinion is. I imagine you'll eventually get around to "reviewing the tapes" anyway?

houdini said...

The paintball has been great and it's great to see some of the underdogs getting over the line against some of the favorites, although watching TBD on Saturday was frustrating. Although TBD is not the only team who'll be doing some soul searching after Phoenix I bet.

The guys behind PaintballAccess have been great - the stats add to the entertainment although I don't like Matty's 'Key' to winning charts because they are way too generic for what we are watching.

It would be great if they added a mic on the head ref like NFL so some of the calls could be explained but I suppose that opens another can of worms.

Look forward to the Post Phoenix wrap up by Baca

NewPro said...

The comments surrounding bootlegging webcast shows the fundamental issue with PB, no one likes being told what they can't or can't do. When people attempt to legitimize/put structure in place, any number of players/groups/competition feel that their turf is being infringed and the backlash starts immediately. The PSP putting media standards/regs in place is but a small step towards professionalism.This is the only way the sport is going to survive.

Anonymous said...

Anon#2 Says:

Anything but impulsive, Baca.

Seen it before, heard it before. It made no difference in the past, why should we suspect somehow that the audience will grow?

This belief you describe is the clarion call of a profitless industry. Belief alone is not a business model. Don’t feed it...

I find it hard to believe a company will refuse sale (to “amateur photographers”) at the behest of a biased source (Gary) only to further indebt themselves against an imaginary media model that has gone nowhere for years- and then attempt to sell that media product elsewhere? Wow.

The sheer stupidity of such an example is maddening to no end. Despite reality, this is the model and it is openly revered by PBA staff as fact. Unbelievable, but then again, these guys aren't experts and they are apparently still learning.

PSP Media thus far has been to deny the wanting customer (who may be loyal, but not exceedingly wealthy) to attract a customer who has no interest (but may have plenty of money). To any normal person, it would seem like the PSP is looking for hand outs despite having a ready, willing and able line of customers. No doubt this is a discriminatory practice based solely on personal involvements and relationships. Lane has just about dried up his time.

For a league named “Paintball Sports Promotions” there is very little promotion of anything at all, even within the sphere of influence we find ourselves in. That a promotional firm and competitive structure is unable to even advertise within its own audience, let alone, win out against the competition?

Sorry, but I don’t believe the hype.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2: A "photographer" left schratching on the wrong side of the net?

Nick Brockdorff said...

I wish people were unable to post anonymously in here, it's probably mostly people with a hidden agenda, or people only bold enough to state their beliefs when being able to do so in hiding.

Anonymous said...

Hidden agenda?

I believe I've made myself quite clear;

No benefit of the doubt- the boys club failed to produce. The PSP is on its last leg, Sup Air is struggling just to stay alive and there's word of another manufacturer folding.

So the model is crumbling and still you sit there and toss weakly a conspiracy theory at me? Like these Anon posts are "the problem", that we are somehow the faithless for not believing in lies when we were told the truth? Don't make me laugh.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Said nothing of the sort.

Just said that it's a shame when people do not have the guts to put their name behind their views.

If you want to keep ranting anonymously, by all means, but don't expect to be taken seriously by anyone.

As for "conspiracy theory" - I am wondering if that is not exactly what would make someone want to post anonymously.

Anonymous said...


I don't catch your meaning.

Don Saavedra said...

He's saying post your name, coward.

Simon said...

I have been so impressed with the PSP webcast. The video work and live editing is testament to people knowing what they are doing and putting the effort in.

It's the best presentation of tournament paintball that I have ever seen, and the fact that it is being done live and for free makes me question why some people would be knocking it?

I watch the webcasts for any event I can't attend (NPPL and PSP) and am grateful for what is provided by both.

Although I still wish I had been there (despite the 100 degree heat) the video presentation and commentary did a great job of allowing fans to keep up with what is happening.

I would love to know the real numbers of people watching.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I would love to see the numbers:

Lane posted "thousands and thousands" but the PbN post is now missing. I'm sure it is nothing.

Does that mean tens of thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

My estimate would be the that the exposure ~ 200,000 online users. (DYE + PSP + PROPB + SOCIAL + FACEFULL + ETC posts) give or take availability on a certain week.

So if less than 10,000 viewers tune in: can we call that a "bust"?

Hell, 50k would only be a 1/4 of the current audience. That's not good (and for television or the internet, that's pretty weak) since the aim is to "promote paintball" "for the love of the game".

So what? For every dollar spent, a current baller is being attracted to a league/sport they are already involved with? Something tells me this is more about pride and daddy issues than it is about stats and webcasts.


Anonymous said...

The webcast, while nice, is probably just going to end up costing a lot of money. It glitched out quite often and the production value needs work.

The statistics (got sick of hearing that word this weekend) are fragile and may end up directing player action - heard Davey Williamson talk about shooting his own teamates many times to improve his own personal stats. The only stat that really matters is wins. Teams create wins, and while a spreadsheet full of numbers may be fun for the nerds, the only column of data that matters is also wins.

Don Saavedra said...

Tell that to Billy Beane.

Douglas Grider said...

I enjoyed the Webcast. Friday and Saturday were great, Sunday not so great (Kept timing out) and not being a computer geek I am only guessing that there was to much demand for their server. It was "Free" so even though It was disappointing I had no bitch because I was not paying for it, plain and simple. I do not understand the point of bashing someone for trying to provide a service just because you are a unhappy pathetic yak that seems to be mad at the world. If it is so distasteful to you don't watch, don't be involved and don't spew your negativity all over the place.

I have no issue with constructive criticism as it is useful for improvement, but I have no time for negative dribble with no suggestions on how to improve things. The old saying "No good deed goes unpunished" is sadly alive and well in this country. OK off the soap box. I was totally disappointed to watch Damage go down in flames on Saturday. I noticed that they were not playing the snake side and was wondering what the strategy behind that was?

Nick Brockdorff said...

Well, we can be fairly certain the viewership is "low" - otherwise PBA would be broadcasting it far and wide already.

However, I don't really think the number of viewers is important right now, as it is quite clear there is a long term view on this project.

None of the people involved are new to doing webcasts, so it is fairly safe to assume they have a long term view on PBA, from inception to profitability, otherwise they would not have made the investment.

I would also venture a guess, that there are more things to come, to build viewership, such as (in no particular order):

- Immidiate viewer access to player and team statistics
- Fantasy league (yes, egoballers have made one, but it would rapidly be outclassed if PBA did their own)
- Viewer chosen instant replays
- A variety of viewer chosen cameras
- Player carried cameras straight to live feed
- Breakout cam from the penalty box
- Live betting (I'm surprised nobody has hooked up with a betting company yet to do that)
- Better graphics for G and O counts and player positions during points (could be a viewer option off camera if you do not run the webcast full screen)
- Expanding the concept to other Xball based leagues (MS, PALS, etc.)

Meanwhile, I for one enjoy watching the PSP webcasts immensely, and while I have no clue what the actual viewership is, my feeling is that in my local area, more than 50 % of the speedball players watch it.

One criticism I DO have, is they need better handling of their ad serving, as it is really annoying to have ads served in the middle of an ongoing point.

Baca Loco said...

Most of the states the PSP holds events in have laws about "real" gambling. I've suggested in the past betting with PSP dollars that can be used to get discounts with the on site vendors as a similar kinda option that allows "betting" and encourages spending some cheese with the league's sponsors.

Anonymous said...

But fortunately, Gary’s an orthodontist, not a master of media (and should be replaced with an attorney proficient in media in the PSP/NPPL, not another PBMEDIA member writing the rules- that was dumb LANE). Matty’s a storyteller and a good commentator, but his producing this faux-narrative gets in the way; of singularly explaining his personal context, which for a writer, is a death trap. I get it- He wants to be Hunter S. Thompson so bad he’s willing to manipulate the game he “loves”, which might have to do more with his family history and childhood than anything else (I read it in a magazine). It’s popular- people like stories, but as a journalist he is lacking and is void of the ethics standard to a community college graduate. Pat’s a good guy- hell, they’re all good guys, but his position and even his experience are limited to an environment unlike what the PSP is attempting to produce- a sports internet/television show.

The $250,000 Question is why not just spend that money on advertising?

The non-internet outlets were bled dry because the leagues weren’t appreciating of Rich’s Wide World Of Sports, constant rumor reports on, Social Paintball being ill-prepared for anything besides a YouTube link, PB2X’s lack of enthusiasm and binding to the formats, Paintball Sports’ lack of real world experience and the rest are unimportant in the eyes of such a small group of individuals. Instead, the manufacturers would rather not pay anything at all, have the PSP do it for them and kill two birds with one stone. If you are paying more than the other guy in the PSP, you WILL, under this plan, receive more coverage. Is that fair? Is it fair to pay not only for advertising, but editorial sway? Sure, but it goes a step further than that- it’s a manipulation of an already incredibly small market, unbalanced and just plain stupid. Because not only are you swaying advertising, but the sponsorship programs, athletic standards, availability to supplies, I can go on and on.

How do I know? It’s because everyone I’ve mentioned has a big mouth and I have a good memory. It’s because I pay attention and pretend to play nice too. You are correct- this is a long term plan, but it’s the exact same plan they’ve tried year after year. Do you understand how pathetic that is? How insane? How unfair? I’d love to see paintball on TV, but hiring the same guys who couldn’t get it done the first time isn’t going to get it done the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth time. Sorry, but as a customer, I’m done.

Since I was asked to provide suggestions (not that I ever plan on supporting or playing in any of these leagues, but as a fan and friend to many participating) this is what I’ve heard and seen from others as well as myself-

Anonymous said...

Tip #`1 Lane- Stop hiring your buddies. The PSP is a business, not a circus. You represent athletes, not children. Stop cornering the market on these hard working individuals. Cut all top tier PSP staff and hire NON-INDUSTRY professional sports marketers. You will be glad you did. Clean house. Shit’s going nowhere.

Tip #2- No more national tour. It’s a waste of money. Stop wasting time and start establishing permanent bases. This isn’t a vacation trip, Camille is not there to book hotels and make travel deals. You have taken a completely capable individual and recruited from her only a bare and basic job. She’s much better than that and she’s proven it. I don’t know what they’re paying her, but it’s a lowball for what they could have.

Tip 3- Change the format. Sup Air designed the format for media. Facefull DIED. This should tell you something about the format itself as well as someone (Hamet) trying to “double-dip” their wick and it offers enough proof to move away from an airball exclusive format. A FIRST PARTY MEDIA OUTLET, FACEFULL, FAILED TO PROMOTE THEIR OWN PRODUCT. PBA, FUNDED BY THE PSP MAIN CONTRIBUTOR, PRODUCED BY THE PSPs, is A NEW 1ST PARTY VECHICLE. Guess what? It’s going to fail too. Don’t be stupid. Their model failed, stop emulating the Millennium. Do you see the parallel? Done. Mix air ball and woodsball, set up some cameras and you’ll be fine.

Tip 4- Hire attorneys. The next three years are going to be constant legal battles. Mark these words-
Tip 5- Ban sponsorship. Manufacturers may provide supplies based on an allotted system of checks and balances. I know you won’t take this advice because it’s the last bullet you’ve left in the chamber, having the industry “fight” over this league. At the same time, it provides for an unfair playing platform…( to my next point)
Tip 6- Fixed Format. Fixed amount of paint. Fixed amount of time (not points). Fixed bunker positions. No more favoritisms. I understand the stat system was part of the “deal” you made with Dave and manufacturers to keep them from starting their own league(s), and that it will provide some information, but on the whole, it is as fragile as it is flawed. There is no standard for these stats past the player’s gun, which is ironic, since it should be the player that is tracked, not the payload. One wouldn’t transcribe a football’s literal travel, we describe what people DO. In the same way, maybe it was Matty (since he’s “fanatical” about being this someone he admires), the suggestion to recount stats without the basic function of AFFORDING an event, well, that’s just bad business, bro.

Tip 7- Cut D3 and below. You shot your budget, adding new divisions isn’t going to help fix that cost. Reset and focus on breaking closer to even. Stop digging a hole.
Just a few.

Are we flooded with crap? Yes. Not to say any one person or company, it’s ALL crap. All the pbmedia we see today is just pure garbage. Now I see this WOLF guy- I understand right off the bat he wants to show off his dick to anyone willing to look. I mean- these aren’t the sort of people we should be associating with, no? Ego-maniacal, pathological and polarizing figures with no sense of morality or business sense. Why pay for such lackluster service? The manufacturers put these guys in place- why not go talk to them?

Anonymous said...

The best part? This isn’t even the majority playing base. So here we are at the tip of a blunt spear with no travel or speed. That’s unacceptable. Why does it matter?

Because this format allows for an attained, controllable and monitored environment by which consumption can and has been strung upon the athlete. It is a simple wrong that must be wrought. Do you honestly believe every individual on the field is looking to spend thousands of dollars just to spit paint? No- the incentive is artificial, as was the original Sup Air Ball competitive media model. It was built on a novelty. Hell, all media is contrived, so when you apply that to a sport, with ignorant proponents involved, you will no doubt be left with a sport that is as worthless as the fantasy is entails. And hell, not even everyone’s fantasy game is the same..

But, paintball is pretty fun. I enjoy playing my paintball game. And it will never involve the PSP, the NPPL or any of these fake ass people trying to write themselves into history and propel themselves into authority. I do it for fun, and thankfully, I get to play for free. Even some of my best friends are as insanely attached to this false identity, I don’t know why they live in such worlds, but I’m not here to stop them. Simply, let’s set the bar lower so that more people can work, as professional paintball players, refs, media representatives and staff in earning a wage.

It’s not that difficult. There is no explaining how inept these paintball “LIVING LEGENDS” have become. I mean, the creator of our game is spitting trash on individuals who disagree with his eye candy Golden Girl as he’s dying of cancer. Is that not a more prophetic image of how twisted and sick our sport has become?

Fuck that shit. I’ll play to win, not to please these manufacturers. Unless you’re Greg Hastings or off the grid, you don’t know dick about paintball. I could keep going but I’ll save it and wrap this up.
I like where I am so I don’t plan on “shutting up”. I am not simply “spewing”. If you had taken the time to actually talk, listen and analyze what these folks were doing, you would be going to the Feds too.

Well, I’ll let Lane answer that for me. He knows better than anyone. ;)

So, my next step is to start exploring legal avenues, contacting specific business oriented services and looking towards protecting the next wave of young adults and athletes from this sickening and bastardized conception of sport. A lot of paintball is cool, good to go, but the few who proliferate themselves to false power, some mentioned, others I have not, show others to be unwanted and generally manipulate an American and International market, well, they’re just crooks.

And they’re going to get what’s coming to them.

But- this is a survival game, and if they’re good, they’ll come out of this alive no harm done. As for the basic group of miscreants, I doubt they’ll have a future in sports.

Turning the screw loose.

Your favorite Anon.

Don Saavedra said...

That was actually a pretty good read. Tons to think about.

houdini said...

Anon coming on strong - agree with Don, a very interesting read Anon - could there be case for price collusion within the industry?

As someone who actually pays for his paint when I compete, the fixed paint idea suggested by many is growing on me.

NewPro said...

Lots of good comments but your hatred, whether justified or not, reaffirms a cooment I made earlier. "you're not the one in charge, so you're upset". If you have so much information, experience, expertise...develop and market your own product. Right or wrong, individuals involved with the current PSP have built this model and players are voting with their wallets. From the outside, especially after watching the webcast, it seems they're onto something.

Reiner Schafer said...

NewPro, "develop and market your own product" is a great concept, but some don't have the funds to do that and furthermore, with two leagues already losing money, it would be guaranteed that a third league, no matter how much better the product might be, would be a losing venture, at least for the first several years, and no guarantee that it would ever make money. It would take a special person, with very deep pockets, to risk so much. Or a foolhardy one.

Don Saavedra said...

Reiner, would you be able to tell the difference between "special" and "foolhardy?"

Without the benefit of hindsight?

Reiner Schafer said...

In this case, they could almost be the opposite. For a "special" person to start up a new league they would need to possess, as well as access to a boatload of funds, clear vision, great administrative skills, an incredible work ethic, great people skills, among probably a number of other skills that I can't even think of, because I probably don't possess them.

A foolhardy one may not have any of those, but may have a dream, a wish, and hope. Which are nice, but not particularly useful.

Could I tell the difference in people? Sure, for the most part. Most importantly, people themselves should be able to see what's needed inside themselves. Well, except the foolhardy ones quite often fool themselves into believing they possess those qualities, when in fact they don't. :-)

Anonymous said...

Not sure why Part 1 isn't being posted... Juicy Info! Willing to expose to level the playing field- where's it at Baca? People wanna know! :)


(Check the Spam filter?)

Anonymous said...

(Let's try it with more spacing- Part 1)

Nick, You are correct on one point- The PSP has played their cards to “offer” this service to their affiliate leagues (albeit with a gun to their affiliates heads) in the future.

Overall, this media plan is set to replace your current paintball media outlets, more specifically, the NPPL promotional model (part of which is Paintballcom),, PB2x (which is just about over anyways), Facefull and to help drown out the remaining misc. non-PSP support. Else wise, it is also to establish a plan to “kick off” then “replace” the photographers and videographers across the nation under new PSP regulations (easy to explain- power grab over advertising.
So, what you would have in theory would be a nationwide network of media “professionals” (knaves) all playing by the rules of the PSP and the manufacturers they support- no wonder they tried to keep this quiet!

Without a voice of dissent, or even the option thereof, what value is there in reading the next article or advertisement? No editorial review? No one establishing a standard? Do not be surprised, as we see already in the PBA articles, that a skewed and transfigured version of competitive paintball be written. Every three years or so, YOU are replaced. So, in the mean time, when the chips are down, let’s rewrite the history books, create a “legacy” and pretend that nothing ever happened. At least when the new players look back, they will be filled with a history of illusion they know nothing of. AND IT’LL ALL BE FREE! How can you beat that? Paintball is tiny- so no one will notice, right? Wrong.

Although the PSP has players, they have never had the wherewithal or game format appropriate for Television. The truth is- most competitive formats were sold under the guise of “progression” (SA’s message), but offer little value in this arena. Likewise, it has been shown to be more profitable that woodsball on TV attracts more viewers and woodsball oriented shows last longer on mainstream TV. You can imagine how this would make the owner of a league feel-

For the past decade or so, advertising has been the one and only saving grace of the paintball industry in reaching an audience. However, there are very few actual media members willing to work “for free”. Why do you think it is that Matty, Gary, Pat and the crew running the media show are “liked” so much? The pbindustry (PSP/NPPL) knows they don’t have to pay these men what a professional service would cost (comparatively paying peanuts vs. hiring a brand new crew who have limits), and they know they like paintball so they’ll show up just for the ride.

Not just these few, but many. In business, it’s known as favoritism- in this case, Gary gets his way on the field and he remains majority. For customers such as us, it means someone’s friend is getting the job instead of a professional and the quality of work suffers. Case in point- Gary gets his way not because he is a genius artist but simply because he is oldest, has a steady income and can afford to travel. This would be ok if he were not responsible for the mass exporting of paintball media in the world, as well as getting some folks fired, helping to kick off “amateurs” and running a general monopoly on pbphotos. He goes out and sponsors teams (which in journalism is a big “no-no”), nets the leagues and magazines and plays “nice” when he talks behind your back.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Wow, and I was accused of conspiracy theory? :D

SO much to comment on, I'll try to limit myself to your "tips"...

Tip 1: No, Lane is not representing athletes - he is running a business - they should be representing themselves, but lack the brains or ability to organise into a federation or union.

Tip 2: That would work

Tip 3: This makes me chuckle.... I guess you missed every other print publication in the world going down the toilet at the same time?
There is zero connection between Facefull failing and Supair's validity as a bunker concept.... and if you think there is, I kindly ask you to remove the tin foil hat now and think again.

Tip 4: Would surprise me if the PSP does not already have legal representation?

Tip 5: In what other sport unable to live off TV revenue has "banning sponsorship" worked? - And isn't the real issue one of limiting sponsor influence while still making them pay?

Tip 6:
Fixed format: It is
Fixed amount of paint: No problem
Fixed time: Old school X-Ball? - no problem
Fixed bunker position: Insanely boring and will cost the sport participants in droves

As for stats, I am pretty sure Baseball tracks balls and strikes, and think it is just as valid to track kills and consumption in paintball.

Tip 7: If the divisions are profitable, there is enough of a market to sustain them, irrespective of your ranting.

As for the rest, senseless drivel that leaves one with the impression of someone bitter and hurt :)

Nick Brockdorff said...

The monopoly PSP is trying to create, is no different from the monopoly NFL has.

More or less any professional sports league has that degree of control, over media 100 % dedicated to the sport in question.

It's only when general media gets involved, that the variety you seem to be looking for manifests itself.

PSP is running a business, and yes, there is a danger they gain complete control of the sport, but I see that as healthy, because that will - finally - force other entities in the sport, like players and teams, to get off their lazy asses and get organised :)

Baca Loco said...

The team wasn't doing much of anything right on Saturday but there were no strategic or tactical changes made other than an inability to make their primaries, stay alive in their bunkers or execute the game plan on a point by point basis.

Excellent point.

My Favorite Anon
Reading your comments is like reading James Joyce--there is something there but it isn't all that easy to follow. Don't stop--you are after all ny favorite anon--but perhaps take a wee bit more time to make sure that we understand everything you're trying to communicate,

I think Gary's influence is overblown. Does that mean the PSP doesn't need a more professional media policy? No. It does.

I also take your point about Matty & Patrick but I would counter with two things; both have demonstrated growth and improvement in providing the webcast and, alternatively, who else are you going to bring in who are as dedicated to making this work?

Advertising what exactly? Aimed at what? How is that a better option?

I confess to being a little lost in the next section but the death of the old media was precipitated not by new media but by lack of advertising revenue. Nor did the quality or content of the old media matter much as most of them were amatuerish and shamelessly partisan. As long as the ad dollars were there so were the mags.

As to the "plan" it isn't the same plan. It may or may not have the same ultimate goal but the objective isn't the plan. Even so, there is no raeson for the Joe Average to jump on the bandwagon but then again there's no reason not to watch a free webcast--if you want to.

Tip #1 has a false predicate. The league represents itself, not athletes--or even players. Nor is it sufficiently well developed to profit from hiring professional marketers. And just what would their goal be anyway?

The majority of the tips I'm sorry to say suggest a lack of up-to-date knowledge of what's going on--or, are just plain silly.
For example, A simple factoid is that the PSP is presently operating in the black and PBA was, in part, setup as a separate entity to protect the solvency of the PSP.

Okay, I give up. It's entertaining, Anon, that's for sure. :)

Baca Loco said...

My Fave Anon
Yes, a couple version of "Part 1" got swallowed up. (Although the 'more spacing' version is now among the comments.) Any chance you're using different accounts and was a bad boy once upon a time using one of them?

You shoulda quit when you were ahead, sorta, as Part 1 is unadultered gibberish. But still entertaining.

Missy Q said...

Wow - 40 comments about Phoenix and no-one has mentioned what everyone was talking about down there yet. What's up with that?

I thought the webcast set-up was fantastic, and I truly hope that the investment can pay off. Not saying it's very likely though.

Anonymous said...

Getting a PSP media pass isn't exactly a like trying to get a visa to North Korea. I'm, for one, glad they're kicking out "kids with cameras" as their hasn't been any artistry in paintball photography for a long time.

The more scarce the coverage the better control, value and quality you can output. What's wrong with that? Hurt feelings? Pfffft

Kudos to Gary and Lane!

Christian said...

Speaking of conspiracy theories, let's all play "Name that anonymous commenter who makes excessively long, and information rich posts."

I've guessing it's someone whose name rhymes with Eve Favidson.

No actual names were harmed in the making of this post. To show it's fair and balance, I'll also toss in Buck Quendsch, and Fart Talkerdine (not likely as the commenter is waaaay too media-centric, has too much time on their hands, and has a bit of conspiracy theory to boot).

Baca Loco said...

Latest Anon
Thank you, Gary ... er, anonymous.

Nope. Not Eve--or the others you suggested. I'm reasonably sure I know who it is and he is a good guy--even if his theories are fodder for a new X-Files movie. (Couldn't be worse than the last one.)

Nick Brockdorff said...

An X-files movie centred on paintball conspiracies? :O

What WILL the PSP think of next?

Douglas Grider said...

A thanks to all the posters on this thread, it was a interesting read.

Anon, thanks for the latter post, much better than the first.

Baca Loco thanks for the reply to my post and explaining to Anon that some of us are not in the inner circles of the Paintball Ind. A little explanation of the issue goes a long way in being able to follow the comment.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Chris Corcino, Pev, or Dale Ford. But Baca said it's a "good guy".
Maybe Brandon Lambertson? Jeff Stein?

Whoever it is talks about a lot of people but really only seems to call out Lane and someone named Gary. He pretends to be a tough guy willing to speak his mind but only names the guys who don't have real power in the industry.

And why pick on PSP? They are obviously miles ahead of anyone who pretends to be competition. What PSP has done over the past 5 years makes any other "pro" league pale in comparison.

Seems like a guy with an agenda who wishes he had what it takes to matter.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Actually, the Millennium Series has more teams these days, and I don't know how many attend the PALS events?

But there is no doubt PSP is the most competitive league, and the biggest one in the US.

There is also no doubt the PSP has the best prizes.

Mark said...

On the subject of a "professional service" to do the PSP webcast: I've seen one very recently and was not impressed, not so much with the quality of their work, but with their poor attitudes and utter lack of any kind of can-do spirit.

Don Saavedra said...

I would like to address one of Anon's points. Re: the professionalism of the media/broadcast crews. (I feel safe now commenting on the webcast since I missed Phoenix.) There's no way paintball can afford it. Yes, the day-rate of each and every crew member would be well and above what the webcast crew is currently getting (they are getting a little something for their troubles, and have been since very early on in the life of the webcast), but that's not the reason. I'm talking about the overtime and golden time required to have 1 crew do an entire webcast, not to mention the extra bodies necessary to cover things like breaks (there aren't any). It requires passionate (dumb) people who love the sport (have no lives) to even consider doing something like the webcast. A pro crew guy with no ties to the sport would laugh if offered the job.

Another reason that, when things go awry, to cut the folks working on the webcast some slack. They're in it for you and the sport, not themselves. It might not make them righteous, but I do think they deserve respect.

Not that anybody here has disrespected them. imjusayin'

houdini said...


Over here in Asia the same in-fighting goes on between competing leagues and shops/official distributors.

PALS supported by Millennium is hit or miss depending on the host Asian country. World Cup Asia does on average 140+ teams a year from all over the globe & includes a new Intercontinental Cup featuring some Pro and not so Pro teams.PALS Bangkok 2012 had 35 teams D3 to D1.

A great effort has been made by Millennium/PALS to create affiliate events in countries like Singapore, and India but these are very small and limited by the development of paintball in each country.

In Malaysia, which is the hub for paintball in the region there are 3 competing leagues. One, WPPL, has created it's own unique format, the other 2 leagues MY-NPL & the PALS affiliate MPOC, both now have Race-to formats.

The scene is a lot better than it was when it started in 2004 but has become a little stagnant in a rush to be like their big American and European brothers.

Just a little info to keep you all up to speed...

Nick Brockdorff said...

Yeah, heard about the China event being cancelled at the last moment last year, and surely that will have hurt the league.

PALS is smaller than I thought, from your numbers, so a good way from being a major league still :)