Monday, April 16, 2012

The Monday Poll

Another long (travel) weekend. I know, cry me a river--but it really does get to be a bit of a drag after a while. Or every once in a while so cut me some slack. Or don't. It's all good. Much like last week's dual Monday Poll and to prove I'm in good spirits today I'm not even gonna point out the percentage of slackers who managed to vote for one poll but not the other. Nor am I gonna mention the fact the great majority of VFTD's lazy readers don't ever vote at all. (The usual excuse, if I were to mention it, is a lack of sufficient knowledge to have a valid opinion. Nice try, slackers but that's balderdash--if I were to mention it.)
This week's Monday Poll will run until 6 am on Friday as VFTD offers up a PSP Phoenix D1 pick the winner poll. As part of the continuing effort to acknowledge divisional kids and because with the instant replay button the PSP chose to use on the field layout things could be pretty interesting. Are the Pirates confident of a repeat or will the pressure to perform affect them? Is T1 looking to take back the unofficial best in the div mantle they were crowned with before the season began? Will the hungry up-and-comers with another month of (dry) practice play like they've got nothing to lose? There's just no telling and that's what makes it fun.
So throw off your lethargy slackers if only for a moment as that is all it will take to cast your vote. (Google lethargy on your phone later. Vote first.)

(Dual) Monday Poll in Review
The first poll last week simply wanted to know who you thought was gonna win PSP Phoenix pro. And the results were mostly predictable. With perhaps the exception of how fast all the diehard "fans" leaped off the Russian Legion bandwagon. Gotta be a few twisted ankles and a concussion or two from that. And where were the Vicious fans? Not a lot of love in the house for the Midwest. Which is, I gotta say, kinda surprising. That and X-Factor not receiving any votes. Which is frankly a travesty. They are a long time established pro team that made positive off season moves to improve and are a team that has won pro events before--and not one vote! That's just wrong. And a variation of the same goes for Ironmen and Infamous. Where'd all the 'Shock fans go? Did y'all fly south with the Heat? Did you forget that Infamous pulled some of your favorites to go with a solid core? How do you leave out the Ironmen? They consistently punched above their weight last year thanks to the veteran core and SK's leadership. They aren't a surprise anymore, they are an upper tier team until they aren't and since they made the cut for Galveston they look like they're picking up where they left off. The young guns and the new kids pulled some fan votes but the bulk of the votes went to Dynasty (20%), Heat (26%) & Damage (38%). No pressure. I get the top vote getters but I still think some of the other teams merited more votes than they got. All I'm saying.

Now the second poll last week was much more interesting--if I do say so myself--and I kinda just did. It offered 5 statements about PSP Phoenix and wanted to know which statement you thought would most likely prove correct. 23% thought one pro team would win both Galveston & Phoenix. Not unrealistic, right? Win Galveston on Thursday, playing the same layout for Phoenix. Odds gotta favor the Galveston winner, don't they? 10% figured a divisional winner from Galveston would repeat in Phoenix. Again, not unreasonable. Which is what made choosing between the statements fun. (It was so fun and if you'd voted you know just how much, dammit!) Nobody (Zip, Nada, Bupkiss) thought Phoenix would be delayed by bad weather. I just had to throw that one in though, didn't I? 20% decided it was more likely that every division would have a different winner in Phoenix. So no repeats from Galveston. I haven't looked but it would be interesting to see how often that has actually happened. Can I get a stat guy, stat? (I know, too many medical shows.) 13% think there will be a first time Pro winner. Did y'all think about how many of the pro teams have won an event before? Then again I suppose 13% is that many. And finally leading the pack by a healthy margin at 37% the top choice was that a divisional winner from Galveston won't make Sunday.
I'ma keep track of all the statements and follow up after the event. (I knew you'd be excited.)

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