Monday, April 23, 2012

Lite Housekeeping

To date VFTD has allowed all comments without screening or registration, etc. and as a consequence as the site has become more popular--within the paintball community--the level of spam has also increased. It isn't a significant problem so I have no intention of changing the comments policy but since the site does get comments from far and wide--and from a fair number of English as a second language commenters--I wanted to take a moment and suggest that if your comment failed to appear in the intended comments section to drop me a quick note so I can look for it and restore it, if appropriate. I seldom look at what the spam filter catches but I don't want to lose any legit comments. Thanks.
Additionally, personal attacks aimed at fellow commenters is unacceptable. You are welcome to challenge me or your fellow commenters ideas and opinions but if I decide it's crosses the line it will simply be removed and your IP may be blocked.


Anonymous said...

Dave Bains makes the worst curry.

Does that qualify as a personal attack? I do have first have knowledge :)

Baca Loco said...

No, that would be a (perhaps valid) personal opinion of Dave's ability as a cook. Now if you were to suggest Dave smelled of curry and it was unpleasant--that might be a personal attack--and a fact--in which case I would have to make a judgment about the intent of the statement. ;)

Mark790.06 said...

Now everyone just pretend I'm anonymous and you don't know me, k?

Anonymous said...

What if I said Dave's balls smell of curry after a day of paintball in July? I mean, they probably do, it's not personal. Hell, my own balls smell like curry RIGHT NOW.

Baca Loco said...