Monday, July 9, 2012

The Monday Poll: Superheroes Edition

This week's poll let's you pick the best--or your favorite--superhero flick franchise. Which comic book superhero is best on the big screen? Don't lie, you've seen them all and you'd sell your mother, or at least your girlfriend, to see 'The Dark Knight Rises' in IMAX 3D. You have an opinion so you might as well vote. It's free. It's easy and best of all--no embarrassment 'cus it's anonymous. Until you post a comment.
And here's a little summer something special 'cus I'm feeling generous--it's easy when you're giving away other peeps stuff--if, after you vote, you visit the Baddog Facebook page and "like" it you will automatically enter yourself for next week's random drawing in which BD will give away a free T-shirt. Let the Dog Days of Summer give you something cool 'cus I don't know about you but it's mighty hot where I am. (And, no, it's not hell, it's too humid to be hell. Hell is right around the corner and down a few flights of stairs.) On that happy note--you know what to do--vote.

EDIT ADDED: I know what you're gonna say. Forgetaboutit. It isn't comic book characters, it's superheroes. So while the Punisher is great (but not his movies) as is Hellboy they aren't superheroes. Daredevil is but the movie was so bad I left it off the list. Watchmen, Blade & Ghost Rider--comics, yes, superheroes, no. Same goes for the rest. Also no animated versions considered. Get over it and just pick one already.

Monday Poll in Review
Last week's poll wanted to know what your major league tourney priorities were. What makes (or breaks) the major league event experience? The poll provided 13 choices and each voter was asked to choose their top three in importance. The poll followed on the PSP Chicago event held at CPX Sports Park and VFTD had remarked on the generally poor condition of the playing surface--which, in fact, inspired the poll. Given the final results that may have also played a role in how the voting went. Although there is also anecdotal evidence that not all poll respondents compete and non-competitors very likely have different priorities. (As might competitors who have limited major league experience.)
Beginning from the least important to the most; stats was chosen by only 3% of the voters. (Probably pro players.) It's not really a measure of what people think of keeping stats generally but rather a reflection that the statistics aren't an integral part of the competition itself. Next was proximity at 9%. For purposes of the poll proximity referred to the distances between the parts of the venues; paint trucks from pits, parking lot to fields, etc. Since this has, on occasion, been a topic of contention I am inclined to think this result reflects the fact that most of the time the leagues do a satisfactory job. Tied with 13% shares are hospitality & vendors. (Hospitality is the availability of food and drinks on site.) The vendor number suggests most current participants have come to terms with a reduced vendor presence and that it isn't a big deal--at least in the overall perception of the event itself.
Here it might be worth mentioning that I think every item listed in the poll contributes something to the overall experience and that low numbers don't mean a particular feature isn't important or worth bothering with--only that in comparison with some of the other features one thing matters less than another.
Next up was profile at 19%; profile referring to the accessibility of the event to the non-paintball playing public. 1 in 5 voters considered it a top 3 choice but how many high profile events are there? Huntington Beach. What else? Vegas is spitting distance from The Strip but it's the northern anonymous part of The Strip and in the convention center parking lot the reality is nobody sees it and nobody, but the players, care. Historically much the same can be said about the NFL parking lots as well.
Accessibility was next with 21%. Accessibility referred to how easy the venue was to get to--typically from the local airport. Do you hop onto the freeway or does your GPS get lost in the backwoods.
Interestingly webcast came in next at 23%. In fact webcast probably shouldn't have been an option--even though it does have a physical presence on site--because it only impacts the event passively at best. But it has a much bigger impact on those who wanted to attend but couldn't or who follow competitive paintball. Consequently I'm inclined to think the votes largely reflects the value associated with the webcast by non-participants. Otherwise there are a lot of players who are very interested in the future of tourney ball--even to the exclusion of their immediate experience.
Taking a leap to 32% is infrastructure. From here on out at least a third of all voters considered the option(s) a top priority. Infrastructure referenced the supporting necessities of nearby hotels, restaurants, etc. Here we reach number 5 on the list with format at 36%. I'm a little surprised by the number in that I think most players make format a primary consideration when deciding what to play but at the same time the differences are closing and one format is clearly dominate--and there are other choices to consider. Like number 4--scheduling /logistics at 37% which references the daily operation of the event; is everything on time, etc. This result suggests my proximity result explanation may be wrong because one of the things all the major leagues do quite well is meet their schedules and maintain understandable well organized events. So if it isn't a problem why did so many peeps vote for it? Coming in at number 3 with 45% was playing surface. I'm nearly convinced Chicago influenced this result as the playing surfaces are frequently poor and nobody routinely complains about playing surface unless it's something extreme like the weather that the league(s) can't control for anyway. In second place with 46% was location. This refers to general area/region where the event is being held; like Galveston, Texas or Phoenix, Arizona. I'm also not sure I buy into the importance this number suggests. (Except when location means it's relatively close and we, as a tema, only play one or two events a year--then maybe location is that important. Otherwise participation numbers might suggest something different.) And numero uno was reffing at 70%. While some of the comments suggested that reffing be taken as a given I think it's a good reminder for the leagues to see how much weight the players put on the reffing relative to the other factors under consideration.


Anonymous said...

*cough* what poll *cough*

Missy Q said...

70% huh?
Anything over 65% in a poll is classed as a 'gimme'.

Baca Loco said...

Gimmes assume facts which weren't in evidence prior to the poll. And 70% means 30% of voters didn't have it in their top 3 at all!

Missy Q said...

I'm just saying, 30% of people didn't vote for it because it was a 'gimme'. I was one of those 30%. I didn't vote for it because it was such an obvious 'gimme'.

The sooner we all accept that it was a 'gimme' the sooner we can move on.

Anonymous said...

Missy is basically saying that Reffing is as "key" as "paint" or "air" or "netting".

So maybe Baca could make a new poll that says, what is most important?


And it wouldn't surprise me that reffing would come out near the bottom of that list...

But it also doesn't match Baca's preconceived notions! :)

Missy Q said...


Anonymous said...

Nobody will be seeing TDKR in Imax 3D. Christopher Nolan doesn't do 3d movies....carry on.

Baca Loco said...

Last anon
Geez, it was a joke.

As for Missy and her anon cohort--
air, bunkers & netting were covered under scheduling/logistics as part and parcel of the daily operation of the event. Paint, unless a league chooses to allow only one paint sponsor, isn't under the league's direct control and therefore not part of last week's poll.
Anymore desperate attempts to (amuse yourselves) and try to validate Missy's silly position? Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Lumping "air" with "logistics" is not what anyone thinks.

If you ask someone what's more important to run a tournament, reffing or air, they better say air.

You can still have a mediocre tournament with teams reffing teams. You have no tournament without air.

Thus air is more important. And yet, it is a given. So in one sense reffing is a given. But in another, there is reffin' and then there is Reffing. Y'all know what I'm talkin bout.

Reiner Schafer said...

No tournament without air? Everyone could bring their own air (I brought our own 50 lb. CO2 tank to the first tourney I ever played) Everyone bringing their own refs might be a bit of a cluster fuck though. :)

Missy Q said...

Smart points Reiner & Anon.

Sounds like everyone else thinks Reffing is basically a 'gimme' too... (insert sound of applause for the fat black woman)

Go figure...

Missy Q said...

BTW, anyone interested in my new 'Reffing is a Gimme' shirts should contact

Trust me, they will be 100x better than those 'Dreamy' shirts (omg)...

Unknown said...

You can have the best of everything else in paintball tourney but if the reffing is not up to par, then what are we playing for? Might as well toss coins for the podiums.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have air, then your tournament is in a vaccuum, and that would suck.

Missy Q said...

Should 'water' have been an option too then? Because we are like 80% water, and without that we would just be skin-sacks of flesh & bone and would have a hard time turning around between points, or seeing, or moving. Then there's the playing surface, without water you would not have grass fields...
What about 'batteries'. The refs need them for radio's, the webcast use them, they are used in all our cellphones, and in the cars we used to get to the field, and the planes we flew on to get to Chicago. Without batteries there would be a major issue.
I'm guessing that water, and batteries, like reffing, are gimme's, and that's why we didn't see them up there as choices in the poll.