Friday, July 6, 2012

Not in the Paintball News

Is not exactly correct. Some of today's remarks are about items that are in the paintball news. Beginning with Facefull. You may remember the magazine of the same name (although back in the day I preferred calling it 'Rich Telford's Wide World of Paintball') It took a short nap and was reintroduced--last year? Checking out the website it hasn't been updated in months--despite the TonTons winning in Basildon recently--a French first!--and the last time this sorta thing happened ... well, it wasn't so good. Maybe they could publish in China at a slightly smaller scale; a more technical and efficient magazine. Just a thought.
Over at there's the Tiberius Arms press release which was posted as news. All well and good except for the closing editorialization. I know, it's not a big deal. Nobody even notices. Journalism isn't even about the news anymore, it's about shaping others' opinions, it's about what you want it to be. I get that but I'm Old Skool. You wanna editorialize? Cool. Just don't do it in the news.
Speaking of the Tiberius Arms press release--they bought Guerrilla Air--or at least claim they have. For all I know they have, whatever that means. All I really know is somebody (or some committee) sat down and figured out what they wanted to say (and not say) and worked out every detail including the made up quotes in order to convey as little as possible while still getting the message out, which admittedly is how the game is played. I guess the part that really annoys me is that about ten minutes later every moron and know-nothing jumps on the bandwagon like it's the Veteran's Day parade to offer their benedictions and banal happy thoughts. Isn't this the same Guerrilla Air mired in public controversy a few months ago. Does anybody care? No, it's all just fodder for the paintball gossip cycle.
The same goes for the latest presser, the announcement that a certain former All American and current owner of NE Avalanche has bought Vanguard. (I try not to use F the T's name as he doesn't like it when I do.) A sentence or two later the presser says he's purchased the assets of Vanguard. Well, those are potentially two different things. Just saying. The modern press release is designed not to say as much as possible. Which apparently works for all the old ladies on the forums. (Btw, for the comprehension impaired I hope all the business stuff works out for everybody involved. Not my point and I don't really care but I'm a little tired of the hate letter written in crayon about stuff I never actually said--or posted, as the case may be.)
Time for a NPPL & PSP update. Each league's next event is in August. Registration is slow over in NPPL land and uncertain in the PSP. Currently there's around 30 teams signed up for NPPL DC. There's still the better part of six (or seven) weeks so it's not critical just yet but it's also not very encouraging if you are a NPPL fan. PSP Jersey is coming up before that and their registrations are around 95. Here's where the rubber meets the road for the PSP in a return to a 5 event season. (NPPL cancelled Vancouver earlier in the year and remain at 4 events.) Traditionally the 4th event has always had the lowest turnout so it will be interesting to see how close Jersey is to the previous events team totals for 2012.
While I'm at it does anybody in the PSP want to take a guess on when the field layout for Jersey will be released? It's not at the top of prep priority list but it's still kinda important for scheduling practices. So how 'bout it?
There's plenty more but I'll save the rest of the 'Not in the Paintball News' list for next time.


Dan said...

Layout 10 days before the first game.

Baca Loco said...

Not helpful, Dan. :) Last year was week before. Galveston was 3 weeks before and that was gonna be the standard. Phoenix was, well, Phoenix and Chicago was two weeks before.

Dan said...

Dont hate the playa, hate the game... That's what my guess is. It'll be right around the 31st or 1st.