Monday, July 30, 2012

The Monday Poll

Got another goofy poll for y'all this week. Oh yes I do. Best Stand Alone World Cup Addition. You make the call. In yesterday's Not In The PB News I mentioned that Lane of the PSP has threatened to offer 10-man at WC this year if there's sufficient willingness to play--something like what, 6, 8, 10 teams? I don't know but probably something in that range. Anyway, that's not the point. If Lane is thinking (hoping?) there's a market for one off (maybe more?) 10-man play what is it you'd like to see available at World Cup. I have graciously given you a few choices to select from and after the voting period is complete the only sure thing is that the PSP won't pay us any mind at all. Nor should they as this is a totally unscientific and purely frivolous exercise. But good fun nonetheless if only you, yes you, are willing to participate.
Besides 10-man you will be able to choose traditional 7-man play, switching Masters to R2-2 (making it cheaper and less demanding for the oldsters), 1 on 1 event, Hyperball, Play w/ a Pro 3-man Streetball, an all mechanical division (been there nobody wanted to do that) & JT SplatMaster Refs Challenge. Sponsored by JT 3-man teams of working refs will compete (and cheat?) for prizes and our amusement. Speaking of the SplatMaster the kids at KEE sent me one even after I told them I didn't review guns or gear--which was nice of them--and has engendered another post--probably coming tomorrow.
While you wait for that with baited breath--and as long as you're here anyway--you might as well vote. So go on. Vote.

Monday Poll in Review
Proved to be very popular--at least once the word was passed around the KEE offices in New Jersey Friday afternoon that everyone should take a minute and vote in the VFTD Monday Poll about the new JT SplatMaster. Did they really do that? I don't know for a fact, though I can probably find out digging around in the analytics, but let me explain. Mid-afternoon Friday there were around 80 votes (lazy slackers) and 90 minutes later there were nearly 130 votes and nearly all the votes cast in that time frame were for number 5. You see, last week's poll asked you to rate the future impact of the new SplatMaster toys on paintball. 1 being no impact and 5 being major impact. The poll itself was predicated on my musings about what the intro of the SplatMaster and re-intro of the 50 cal paintball might mean. Prior to the big run of votes 1 & 2 were leading the poll results and afterwards--not so much. So did the kids at KEE try to help the poll achieve a result more to their liking? Maybe so. Could also be the Small Ball Fan Club of Modesto just happened to discover the poll Friday afternoon and a few phone calls later their members were swamping the poll in support. Either way it's kinda of intriguing and definitely good fun.
For the record the final tally showed that 29% of the voters chose #1. 22% chose #2. 6% went for #3 (your typical middle-of-the-road wishy washy moderate types.) 4% picked #4 and 39% see big things on the horizon with the intro of the small ball shooting SplatMaster. Time will tell.


sdawg said...

we already have a mechanical division. It's called pump.

sdawg said...
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Anonymous said...

An option I think you missed on the current poll is the original (full) X-ball. That being said that is my vote for the current poll. Count it.

Baca Loco said...

I will count your vote and any others in favor of real Xball. I left it off because I thought while it might be a popular choice it would also be a frivolous choice. Nobody participating in Cup's regular divisions and formats for series standings would switch to the one off and how many part time Race 2 teams could really afford it?

Missy Q said...

The one-on-one is the only sensible option. It could be open, and be held at the cup to distinguish the 'Top Gun' of the year. It would be mandatory for the the Pro teams to have 5 entries each in the contest. It could be the only chance some of the kids would get to play against a Pro player and would be kinda cool.

Nick Brockdorff said...

Agree with Missy (:O!!!!)

NewPro said...

Nope, dislike all ideas