Monday, July 23, 2012

The Monday Poll

You people suck. Talk about lazy slackers. Y'all make me feel like a dervish of energy and enterprise. I am, btw, decrying your voting--or non-voting--habit of late. Numbers have been way down and obviously you are to blame. I don't vote but I do make the poll(s). It's your duty as a VFTD reader to click your damn mouse and vote. If you have to close your eyes and guess but vote, dammit. Why should your vote be any more meaningful than anyone else's?
Since I'm currently hung up on this SplatMaster thing that's what this week's poll is about too. (There's a new post below this called 'SplatMaster' as well.) As usual I leave the outcome in your lazy slacker hands and, also as usual, you will once again prove to be a disappointment--unless, you know, more of you actually vote this time. Will the SplatMaster usher in a new paintball revolution? Will it be a bust? If small ball gets a toehold will it ever dominate the paintball scene? It's your call.
Rate the future impact of the SplatMaster on paintball from 1-5. 1 would no impact to 5 which would be a big impact. Impact doesn't address whether it's seen as a good or bad thing, only that it moves the game one way or another.

Monday Poll in Review
Last week's poll was about the move in major league competitive paintball to apply stats to the competitions. Or at least what you (the faithless voter) think of stats. Not surprisingly only 13% of the voters had a generally negative opinion of paintball stats. Much like the webcast it's hard to argue with free especially when somebody else is doing all the work--and yet--there was still some diversity of opinions. Which, besides digging a little deeper into people's opinions may also offer some insights into the voters themselves. (At least I'ma play that game this week 'cus it's gonna be fun.) Topping the poll at 27% was the "Loving 'em" response which was the sheeples answer. Next at 17% with "Great, but poor execution so far" is the answer of the Know-It-Alls who could do better but can't be bothered. Tied at 16% was "Fun but not really very informative" along with "Needs to be timely." The former answer comes from the nit-pickers in the audience while the latter is the choice of the forever impatient. (Even if they maybe have a point.) Dropping into single digits at 8% was "Good but too many different stats" from those with a public school education. And at 6% with just "Too many stats" were the highschool dropouts. 5% chose "What stats?" 'cus they're smart alecks who thought it was funny and closing out the voting at 2% were the haters who thought paintball stats were a waste of time and money.


Anonymous said...

"From 1-5", does that mean that 1 has no impact and 5 is a huge impact? or the other way around?

Baca Loco said...

That would be correct. (Not the other way around) ;)