Monday, July 16, 2012

The Monday Poll

After last week's change of venue for the PSP I was going to do a poll on what gets paid for first when planning on playing a major league event but while putting a list together I thought better of it. I remembered what it was like. It's nice to pay the entry early to save a few bucks but it ain't essential--not unless there's the chance you may not get to compete at all--and unless you're playing in the MS (with the rest of the Eurosheep) that's no concern at all most of the time. So of course you pay for other stuff first. Besides you're either collecting entry from intransigent (broke ass) teammates or somebody (foolishly) pays up front and tries to collect everyone's shares later. Divorced from the way paying to play big time tourneys actually happens it seems silly to not pay entries first but as a practical matter it ends up down the list.
So instead VFTD wants to know your take on the "success" to date of the stats revolution. While most agree it's a cool, maybe even good idea, how's it really going? Other than to add some extra prima to the donna of the pro class of players, I mean. You know the drill. I give you some options to choose from and you choose--one, this time--and in a week we see what the paintball collective cognoscenti thinks about stats. Or something close enough for the purposes of The Monday Poll.

Monday Poll in Review
Okay, so superhero movies franchises was the wrong way to go. (Y'all were more apathetic than normal.) In my defense I was desperate and it's not like I know (or care) what y'all think or like. Probably would have done better with an O/T poll on smart phones or video games but I couldn't--'cus I don't have a clue where to begin with either of those topics. My cell phone of choice is no phone at all but since that's impossible it's as close to a rotary as technology will allow. (Not kidding.) And my PS3 is just a large dust collector. I like the idea of playing video games a lot more than I actually end up playing. Go figure.
At least the majority of the voting minority got it right choosing Batman/Dark Knight with an overwhelming 47% of the vote. Ironman got 15% and the currently in theaters The Avengers got 13% (from tha bandwagon jumping crowd) while X-Men pulled 11%. Nobody else got more than 2% of the vote so I'm not even gonna bother mentioning them all.
Next time there's an O/T poll it will about your favorite book genres--and, no, 'coloring' won't be on the list. Fair chance it won't get any votes at all from the likes of you people.


Lawrence said...

Gotta say I'm loving them. On the issue of poor execution: the only thing I see poor about it is the speed upon which they are getting these things online. They are printing them out at the event..not sure why we cant make an "upload" button as well!

raehl said...

Stats has been a process in development all season, and making an "upload" button that turns thousands of records into a season player ranking isn't trivial.

But it is now completed (part of the delay in putting the Chicago stats out was getting the process correct for future events), and stats from events going forward should be up within 48 hours of the end of the event barring some entirely unforseen circumstance (it's paintball, who knows when the next event tsunami will hit.) It's even likely they'll be up match-by-match and day-by-day.

Missy Q said...

I love the stats, they are, quite simply 'awesome', and add a whole other dimension to the pro division. I just hope they help to generate a product that's 100% sustainable and does not rely on benefactor bail-outs. That's the concern I feel everyone has/should have and at the very least I feel that everyone involved wants to contribute to the overall success of the project - not that this will be enough without actual money coming in though.

As for the last poll, I actually think Batman was a gimme...