Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Confessions of a Paintball Blogger

It seems like it's that time again. Time to spell out the perspective and motivations behind VFTD given the turn some of the recent posts have taken and the outpouring of confusion in response. (This comes up every couple of years so I was probably due.)
Here's how this is gonna work: I spell out the VFTD Big Picture position on some fundamental competitive paintball issues so that you have them available for future reference whenever I espouse some off-the-wall or seemingly contradictory position and maybe, just maybe, you'll see where I'm coming from. I know, I know, some of the stuff I advocate is still crazy talk. You gotta remember though I'm a paintball anarchist and I'm willing to blow this whole thing up and start fresh--so you better not tempt me.

First Principle: VFTD believes in the potential of competitive paintball as sport. (The hard part is getting there from here.)
Second Principle: VFTD is an advocate for the players (whether they like it or not.)

VFTD favors a separation of powers; as long as the industry and/or leagues hold all the decision-making power competitive paintball will necessarily remain a game and not a sport.
VFTD tends to favor two national leagues as the best available option for delivering the best game possible to the players.
As a step beyond the status quo VFTD favors any structure that moves the game closer to the realm of sport be it a Euro-style federation or team ownership of the league ala the NPPL or the NXL.
VFTD favors a universal classification system as a means of tracking players. VFTD does not favor the tendency of the current classification system to push local players into the national tournament scene as it is counterproductive to the task of reseeding the grassroots.
(If I've left anything out you're curious about don't hesitate to ask.)

VFTD is a critical observer. Critical observation is aimed at identifying weaknesses and pointing them out. (VFTD sometimes does this with ridicule and/or sarcasm. That is a matter of style and well, my personal amusement.) This is why it may on occasion seem that VFTD has taken up contrarian positions. For example supporting the idea of two leagues doesn't necessarily mean any actual league gets a free pass.
VFTD also makes a passing effort at being a good (or at least tolerable) citizen of the paintball community by periodically passing along lessons learned about the game and how it is played and/or promoting the players and teams that compete in this game. And finally lest that seem far too altruistic and self-serving (it kinda did) keep in mind VFTD's prime directive--I am to be entertained. All the rest is just gravy.


Anonymous said...

I'm too much of a lazy slacker to make any sort of intelligent comment, but I have been enjoying all formats of paintball for 20+ years. Now, do I get a free t-shirt?

Baca Loco said...

Free T? Get sponsored by one of the big boyz. They love to give away stuff.

If you meant a VFTD T this week only, FREE T-shirts plus $15 S&H. Contact Baddog at Facebook or hit the link and I'll let 'em know. :)

Anonymous said...

What would be S&H to UK? I'm a lazy UK slacker. The worst type. Seriously, tell me how much S&H is to the UK and I'll pay it - gotta be worth it. Honest Injun.

Anonymous said...

All this because of a troll?

ScotchMonster said...

Thanks Baca, I appreciated the summary-understanding and sharing another informed individual's perception & perspective I think shows respect. Motivation is very subjective and reflects a deeper personal set of values. These values change with time and experience-Paintball is still a relatively new sport, that needs to mature before it gets any real recognition. Until then I hope to attend as many tournaments-local or national that I can!

baddog said...

If you like us on Facebook, share our page with your friends and tell them how awesome we are, post a picture of your naked butt* on a facebook page of our choice and let us know which size you want, a Baddog Tee posted to UK will be.

*We're just joking...or are we? Try us and find out.

Normal first class shipping to UK is 6.59

We'll let Baca decide how he wants to handle this one.

Baca Loco said...

Anon 4:55
Hard as it might be to believe the VFTD audience is always changing and, go figure, growing so what I (and perhaps you) take for granted sometimes is new for some.
I wasn't responding to some troll but to a number of semi-confused queries sent to the mailbag.

The free T-shirts (plus $15 S&H) apply only to VFTD shirts. UK too.
This week only.

Anonymous said...

$15 to UK it is! Which paypal account should I send the payment to?

Baddog said...

Get in touch with Baca through the blog email listed on the main page.

Sharma RK said...

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