Monday, November 12, 2012

VFTD Factoid of the Day

In 2002 World Cup was comprised of 12 fields and had its largest team turnout ever of 438 teams including 214 teams playing 10-man.


Anonymous said...

and the weather was 82.5 degrees. so what ?

Baca Loco said...

And in 2003 World Cup featured 55 Xball teams.
And by 2008 Paintball was lamenting the plummeting demographic of the typical tourney player and shortened player lifecycle.
The fog clearing at all?

OldAnnoying402Guy said...

Are you high?

Do numbers "like blow your mind"?

Is this the beginning of some deep introspective? One which you've likely already traveled so far without us that it would be impossible to catch up to, lest one attempts to be the first person to die from a "choice nugs" overdose? It still seems pretty foggy from where we are standing, so pray tell.

Anonymous said...

2002 was also the last year there was only one national league.

That the Cup numbers are not quite as high as then, despite there still being two leagues, should not be surprising.

Anonymous said...

402 seems to have benefited from 420 haha

Their may have been more players and teams way back then but I doubt the skill level or play was the same as it is today. Our young D3 team would have smashed those pro teams back then.We had no problem adapting to the new snake props.

PBacces does a great job covering the PSP but the general public just isn't going to find watching paintball interesting.I don't see it gaining a wide audience.

The sport will always be marginal because of the high cost to train and play.Being an athlete is a must in pro.

The best we can hope for would be being able to play in the Olympics. I mean badminton's a sport why not paintball ?

Reiner Schafer said...

I bet badminton has a more organized organization than paintball. Heck, I bet they only have one set of rules (other than minor adjustments for doubles) and that those rules have been around for years.

Having also played a little badminton, I believe it takes at least as much athleticism, reflexes and co-ordination as well.

It will be a little while before paintball gets its shit together and has a small chance to make into the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

I get a kick out of it whenever someone suggests paintball as an Olympic sport. Olympics requires random testing of all athletes for performance-enhancing drugs. Random meaning someone can just show up at your house any day and ask for a sample. That's a pretty big burden.

Mark said...

The 10-man format naturally enabled bad and athletically challenged players to blend in with the good and athletic players without exposing their lack of talent or athleticism as often. Race2/Xball is far less forgiving to the bad player. When 10-man died so too died the playing careers of 15-20% of the player market.

Reiner Schafer said...

I remember the talk before XBall came out. It was how competitive paintball needs to be more like other team sports, where athleticism is highlighted and people would be more interested in watching the game, especially on TV. I found it rather ironic a while back when there was talk and focus on changing the game to attract the older, bigger players back.

Of course it all circles around money. With the collapse of the notion that paintball could be sold to viewers and viewers directly or indirectly paying the bill, the idea surfaced that the demographic needed to be widened to attract more players with better finances. The decline of sponsorship dollars fits in there somewhere too.

Now with a slight glimpse of possible dollars coming in the future through efforts like the PBA, the professional athletes are wanting to get their share, to alleviate some of their financial hardships. Totally understandable. Money always seems to be at the centre of change.