Thursday, November 1, 2012


With the season over--and before the off season heats up--it's time for a bit of housekeeping. Rummaging through the links, adding and/or deleting new or outdated paintball links. Perhaps consider a bit of a face lift though I confess that sounds rather like work and I still like the minimalist look of VFTD. Over the next week or so (tops) keep on the lookout for small changes--or, who knows?--maybe a large one or two.

EDIT ADDED: check out the links list as new items have been added and some old ones removed. VFTD neither recommends or dismisses any of the listed links. Some are regulars for VFTD some are not. What they have in common is they are active sites aimed at promoting paintball. If you have a website you would like to see added drop me a note with the address and I'll have a look. I do not post links to overt members of the paintball industry.

EDIT ADDED, the Sequel: Among the added website links are a number of geek or techie oriented sites. If that's you why are you here? (j/k) (No, I'm not) Anyway, the ultimate paintball geek/insider is Simon Stevens over at Simonized and there's the forum M. Carter Brown which shades to the techie-Old Skool, Tech PB and the new Paintball Tech. If that's your bag you should already know about them. If you're just curious where's the harm in looking?

As far as posting goes I will continue the Basic Tactics posts--only two or three more to go anyway and will, of course, stay on top of the latest off season happenings. Besides that I will have available (any day now) an information sheet for anyone interested in a team clinic. (Keep in mind it is a two day process.) I am hoping to be able to schedule about a dozen clinics next season and with a practical limit to the number of teams that can participate at any one clinic there will be limited availability.

Also during the off season I will be posting on another pet project; the paintball club. It's not a new idea but I certainly think it's one the competitive community could use to greater effect in rebuilding the grassroots in the future

Look too for the next animated installment of Coach & Lil Baller. Got questions? Send them to Baca's Mailbag. (link on the sidebar)


Anonymous said...

yay,a clinic schedule! about time, you lazy slacker.

Baca Loco said...

Still gonna have to wait on the 2013 events schedules. ;)