Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Clinics Update

I do not have the permanent link up yet but if you would like information about hosting a clinic drop me a line via the mailbag. (Link on sidebar.) There is already a clinic scheduled in mid-January and any additional dates would be tentative only until we see 2013 league schedules. [Using last year's event dates will provide a rough estimate of open weekends.]
For those currently waiting for the information sheet I will (hopefully) get them all out tomorrow. If I somehow overlook your previously sent request please hit me up again.
New requests should include information about hosts and host facility (owner/operator/manager) field name & location, sponsored team(s) [if any] and additional contact info.
The clinic limit will be 10 - 12 max for 2013.
Reminder: the clinics are based around (and designed for) team participation as the purpose of the clinic is to teach teams how to train, practice & compete as a unit; as a real team. It is a unique concept unavailable anywhere else. It requires teams to participate to maximize the learning experience. As such no fewer than 5 players per team may participate though numbers greater than 5 are welcome. There is also a max participation limit as too many participants will detract from clinic experience. I expect each clinic will have between 3 and 8 teams depending on the numbers per team participating.
Each clinic is a two-day process intended to be completed over a weekend. Each day will have a full schedule of activities so expect between 6-8 hours daily.
Feel free to drop any additional questions you might have to the mailbag anytime. Clinics will be scheduled in the order requested. Dates cannot be reserved in advance.

I'm sure I've left something out but that should get everyone interested started. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Are you planning any in California ?

Baca Loco said...

The locations are completely up to the clinic sponsors; local teams or fields that want to put on a clinic. I'm certainly open to a Cali clinic.