Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rules 2013

Aight, now that the latest edition of the rules is available I have a couple of questions and observations. Have you looked at the updated rules or are you gonna wing it? (I know how it is, we used to fight over who had to go the captain's meetings back in the day.) Is the Quick Reference guide to changes upfront helpful? Any of the changes got you tearing out your hair? No more 3 headwraps got you down?
All things considered it strikes me as a net plus. I particularly like the new Overtime which has the potential to mucho more exciting than more than a few long, dull and tedious o/t's were last season.
Anyway, more than anything this is your opportunity to sound off. Pick a nit. Offer an alternative or simply acknowledge that you can't enough of the new rulebook. (Yeah, I know, that last one is unlikely but you never know.)

Oh yeah, there's still the matter of filling in the pro ranking rules before Dallas so who knows, if you have a really good thought there may be a place for it. And if not now, next time around. No promises of course but you never know.


Grant Harrison said...

Just had a browse of the new overtime system. Similar to a soccer shootout and should be exciting but they failed to mention how they are going to manage which players enter the field for the 1 on 1's. There could be a lot of tactical delays so that coaches can see which player the opposition has put on the field?

Also I was a bit surprised that sharing of pods is an offense given that picking up paintballs from the ground is not? I suppose it stops players launching full pods 20 feet to team mates but that's a skill in itself...

David Painter said...

I truly hope that’s not the intent of the rules.

Section 6.5 covers Occupation, Possession and Exchange

Pods fall under the “Not subject to ‘loss of possession’” rules. However, the term discarded needs to be better defined as one could argue that transferring a pod to a teammate constitutes discarding the pod and, therefore, is a minor penalty for the player getting the discarded pod.

Section 6.5.2 seems to cover off sharing equipment as it states players can not possess any equipment during a point that was not in their or their teammate’s possession at the start of the point.

Footnote #66 appears to cover “If you start a point with an item or are transferred…” however, transferred is never covered off or explained. So it would seem that a transferred pod is, in fact, a discarded pod and receiving a discarded pod would result in a minor penalty (footnote #67 – my question would be on footnote #67 – Any other manner – how about you define under what situation you may take possession.

Baca Loco said...

Don't think that's the intention as somewhere in there it specifically allows for transfers between active players. What the as written rules wouldn't allow is dropping pods somewhere to be picked up and used later by a teammate.

David Painter said...


The only place I found the word "Transfer" is here:

[66] If you start the point with an item or are transferred it, you possess it, and if any such item is hit by a paintball that breaks the player is subject to elimination.

However that does not clarify the difference between Transferred and discarded. I could argue that I'm "transferring" a pod to a teammate by leaving it in my bunker for him to get as soon as he fills out to the corner. Who says transfer has to be instant?

Baca Loco said...

Okay. I'll dig a little deeper and have already passed your concerns along. Thanks, Dave.

Grant Harrison said...

[66] is a mute point if 6.5.2 and are taken into account. And if they turn around and say you can transfer pods (as they are not subject to loss of possession) then that opens the door to exchange hoppers as well?

Just food for thought...

Anonymous said...

new rules, thats cool. do you have an actual rulebook for the millennium :D

sdawg said...

6.8.3. An invalid hit is any hit that a judge observes is not from a live paintball striking and breaking on a player. Only judges will remove invalid hits, except that a player may remove an invalid hit on the lens of their goggle system with the permission of a judge.

What is the penalty for violating this rule?