Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dateline Dallas: Three Goes Into Two

As in three practice sessions in two days. It's Sunday night and I'm sitting in DFW waiting for an o-ring--or so the flight's captain tells us. Since the total waiting is gonna be at least 90 minutes--more--half the passengers have deplaned to wait in the relative comfort of the lounge at our gate. It's been one of those weekends. My flight from Houston into San Antonio was delayed Friday night too. Some numbskull broke the connector where the ground starter connected to the plane so they couldn't start it until the piece got replaced. On top of that the forecast for the weekend was triple digits. (Are you really gonna be ready for Riverside? Expect hot, hot, hot.) So what's a team to do? That's easy--run two practice sessions on Saturday. Start early and run until the midday heat begins to build. Then take a break. Grab a meal. Maybe a short siesta and then around 4:30 get back on the grind and go until dusk. Sunday was start early and power through given that a few of us had flights to catch starting around 6 pm. I think it's safe to say this was the toughest weekend practice the team has put in all year and we're gonna do it again next week. It was hard but it was good. Just what the guys needed. (Borderline heat stroke.)
Everybody always wants paintball to be fun but sometimes the fun is found in stepping up and meeting the challenge. Less than two weeks until the War at Riverside.


Bryan Parks said...
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Bryan Parks said...

Full day practices are EXACTLY what needs to be done. Its what builds drive, endurance, and confidence in the layout and how the team performs on it. See you in the heat in Riverside!!