Friday, August 2, 2013

VFTD Is Moving

There is no cause for alarm however. Everything should proceed smoothly and I expect the transition to be relatively painless. All it should ever require from you is saving the new location as a 'favorite' and perhaps resetting your RSS feed--if you're into that sort of thing.
After five plus years here at Blogger you might be asking yourself why now? First, it won't do any good to ask yourself as you don't have any idea why. Second, allow me to explain. The move was necessitated by my intention to seek sponsors and advertising for the blog. In order to control the blog without interference from the host it was necessary to move. (No Google AdSense!) The new site is up and running but until all the kinks are worked out I won't be switching all the links over just yet. In the meantime I will be keeping the Blogger version up to date so there won't be any down time nor any loss of content. After the switch is made I will maintain the Blogger version for some period of time with a link to the new location. No one who wants to follow VFTD will miss out.
Regulars knew this was coming and it is a necessity in order to keep the blog up and running. The basic format won't change and neither will the content. The site will remain a single column with sidebar. All the features currently available will be duplicated. The promotion of sponsors will appear in a full size banner above the header along with column wide banners above and below the latest post. A special feature, should any sponsor choose to use it, will be the video spotlight which will make available a sponsor's latest video production.
The move will be accomplished during August and I'll let everyone know when I switch all the links (at places like Facebook & Twitter) over to the new location.

Any interested potential sponsors should use Baca's email (link on sidebar) to request additional information and/or a pricing sheet. Monthly, quarterly & annual rates offered along with some very limited Premium package deals.

Have a good weekend and go play some paintball. I'll be in Texas with X-Factor getting our grind on for Riverside.


NewPro said...

so what you're sayin is ya sold out :)

Anonymous said...

You should really try adsense out. Even if your page views aren't high, pay per click paintball ads actually pay pretty well.

Mike said...


Just kidding. Sounds good.

Baca Loco said...

Perhaps but Ad Sense content looks like crap.