Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Your Tickets Here, er, There

The Millennium kids have just announced--or is the EPBF kids?--I confess I'm daily having more difficulty keeping the assorted alphabets (of paintball) sorted. Anyway, somebody over there in a position to make it so has just announced the Millennium grandstand of the CPL field has just gone pay-per-view. 20 Euros for the weekend or less for a single day. But wait, there's more! Taking their cues from both the PSP and the old NPPL they've assembled (in some ways) the best of both. Like the NPPL there will be an extra special VIP section above the VIP grandstand with shade and "free" snacks and beverages for the bargain basement price of 99 Euros. Unlike the PSP however the MS will be setting up some grandstands at either end of the CPL field to provide free seating to all those in possession of a player, pit or sponsor ID card. And to ensure a full panoply of animated faces the VIP grandstand will be free for watching the first ever actual factual World Cup competition comprised of players from a a bunch of countries mostly there competing for their regular team as well as incidentally for their country.
Frankly I'm kinda surprised it took the MS this long to try tapping into another revenue stream but to be fair they aren't forcing anyone to pony up or miss out. The live experience is still available albeit from an endzone but even so, kudos to the Millennium for providing the "extra" bleachers.
That said I wonder if it will last or if the free bleachers are just for the transition period and will be phased out sooner rather than later. After all, it will complicate the CPL field set-up and I'm not sure that venues like St. Tropez or Bitburg have room to accommodate the space required. I guess we'll find out soon enough. In the meantime get your tickets here, er, there. While you still can.


Nick Brockdorff said...

Bleachers at the end of the field will make scouting way easier :)

PbReplay said...

well, is a bussiness, I think was a smart move.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the VIP Grandstand and 'Barn' are to encourage all the tourists from the Château to splash their cash on a game they don't understand!

Baca Loco said...

No, no, Laurent says it's for the children. That in the past families and kids have been left out due to limited if free seating but with guaranteed seating because they paid for VIP grandstand tickets no more children will be denied an opportunity to root for their favorite paintball teams. See latest over at Spirit of Paint. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wanna see all the games on the CPL Field?

Not playing/pitting/coaching/vending?

Pack the family in the car, drive to Chantilly for the weekend, shell out 80€ on tickets (or 396€ if you go for the shady lounge with refreshments)for you, the wife and two kids, spend at least 200€ more on some remote fleapit of a hotel room for a couple of nights. Don't forget the chateau and museum.

Or, get some groceries in, sleep in the comfort of your own bed and watch the free webcast from the comfort of your favourite chair!

When the anecdotal evidence of the Millennium's own staff suggests that the webcast has reduced footfall of non-participants at the venues over the past year, it seems ludicrous that the way to encourage the missing visitors back is to charge them for the privilege.

At least with Disney you could have sent the wife and kids off to the parks for a day!

Maybe what Laurent was actually saying was. Ze peoples wiz ze families don't wantz to be sittingzin ze grandstandz wiz ze 'airy azzed paintballerz and zer rowdy behaviorz. We wantz to be making it more 'ospitable for zem by renting ze extra bleacher for ze paintballerz and keeping zen restrained to ze end zones! 'Owever, we needz the euroz to pay for zem!

USA Baby! said...

haha. I love it when those silly Europeans try to do something to improve their event offering. When will these guys realise that they are not the PSP and so they will never be cool?
...and mocking somneones accent = super-cool! I had a good laugh about that! Those guys sound so ridiculous don't they? They can't even speak American properly!! Maybe if they spoke American, we could let them play the PSP, so they don't have to mess around with their stupid Euro-trash copy-cat leagues. Then we would be able to watch them get pwned by the good teams, and laugh at how pathetic they are.

USA baby!

Baca Loco said...

Don't be so tiresome, Missy, er, USA baby! Free les Ton Tons!

USA Baby! said...