Monday, August 12, 2013

The Monday Poll in Review

Before we get to last week's question I'ma use this opportunity to explain why there's no new poll this week--and comment on the latest from the world of big time tournament paintball plus the NPPL. (Oh snap!) Sorry, I couldn't resist.
There's no poll this week because it's a short week given the PSP Riverside event coming up and because I couldn't think of a good question. (And after the perfunctory queries of the last two weeks I wanted something good.) The truth is I couldn't come up with a poll question that fired the imagination so I did what y'all would do, I bailed. I've tried polls in the past featuring lower divisions and you people just don't care. We could'a had a tiny bit more fun at the NPPL's expense but at this point that's just cruel. The only people who care about the MS trying to take proprietary claim to World Cup are a bunch of Eurokids. I suppose I might have tried how many participants at Riverside will suffer heat stroke during the event but honestly that just seems mean. And it didn't occur to me until just this minute I could have tried an O/T poll--which might be fun--so be looking for that option next week. If you have a favorite non-paintball topic let me know and I'll consider it.
In NPPL news 32 of 43 teams made Sunday--which is some sorta record. What's next, everybody receives a plaque for participating?
In the latest from the Millennium kids a *special* layout is being released 4 weeks in advance for this event. And added to the list of new features there will apparently be staging tents (other than the pits) and an opening ceremonies hosted by the EPBF with a parade(?) of national teams(?) I added the question marks because it's no altogether clear just what the EPBF/MS has in in its collective (hive) mind. It almost sounds as if national teams will be competing--again. Of lesser note but of some interest is the turnout--to date--in the open divisions, 2 and 3. So far there are only 13 D2 teams and 18 D3 teams registered. The season averages are 28 and 34 teams respectively so it will be interesting to see if those numbers catch up or stay well off the season pace by the event.

Monday Poll in Review
Last week The Monday Poll wanted to know which Challengers would join the Champions for (the disputed) World Cup. Predictably Ton Tons received 69% of the vote, more than twice as many votes as the next closest team, Upton 187. (33%) Texas Storm came third (21%) no doubt based largely on the pick-ups of LJ and the Odells, Dusty & Devin. Rounding out the top five were XSV (12%) and Royalty (11%). All the rest managed single digit support at best except Jesters who only received one vote.
One question that might have been interesting is whether or not the Challengers moving up will be better than the teams that get relegated in Riverside. Or, is there any real chance any team besides Ton Tons, 187 or Storm will be promoted?


Anonymous said...

I think MS had the European national teams playing last time and in the next event there will national teams from any country, e.g. "World Cup".

In Europe the European championship is a big thing, similar cups are played in soccer, for example.


Anonymous said...

EPBF are billinbg this as an event for teams from 4 continents, but it will probably be pretty much a re-run of the European Championship in Basildon.

Anonymous said...

The staging tents should have been in place since the beginning of 2011 at Langchamps, however, they have been missing from most events. When asked the MS staff have explained it away as "The weather is good", "There wasn't enough room", "We lost the bag of bolts to put the frames together" or, as at the last event, they were being used for catering!