Monday, August 5, 2013

The Monday Poll

We's back in bidness--the Blogger poll is working--and it won't matter soon anyway--but in the meantime let's wear it out. This week's The Monday Poll wants to know which Challenger(s) you think will be make the Champions bracket for World Cup. One would assume the teams that have been there after Dallas are most likely to regain Champion spots but you never know. Will TonTons and Upton 187 jump right back into the Champions bracket or will somebody else make the big show? Will it be a true Challenger like Royalty or the revamped Texas Storm or will it be a past Champions bracket team like Thunder or XSV? As always the results are completely unscientific and in no way reflect the opinions of this blog but are nevertheless entertaining--and sometimes pretty accurate. Do you your paintball teams? Let's find out. Get to voting, slacker.

Monday Poll in Review
It sounded in my head like it would be a good poll. It really did. But in thinking it through a bit more the outcome was entirely predictable--with a couple of tiny exceptions. As expected Top Gun Union got the vast majority with 82% expecting them to be relegated back to the Challengers. Next highest was a percentage tie (33%) between X-Factor & Ironmen but X-Factor received more votes so call them second and Ironmen third. Given that X has been flirting with relegation off and on all season it's not an unreasonable choice and I think it's safe to say that the 'Men haven't lived up to the preseason hype--whether that's fair or not is a different question--and with injuries and roster moves their Riverside became highly unpredictable. Next up was Vicious at 20% followed by Infamous at 11%. Sure, Vicious has been relegated once already and as a practical matter part of the equation is a comparison with the other teams. It isn't really about who is or isn't any good, it's about who is perhaps better. Having also been on the brink the last two event Infamous skated a bit perhaps but did have the win in London to bolster their image. Honestly the result that surprised me was the Russian Legion coming in with only 7% of the vote. Sure they swamped the Challengers pretty thoroughly, though Royalty gave them a game in the Challenger semis, but what does that mean in the Champions bracket? Did y'all think it was fluke the first time the Russians were relegated? And since the Legion and Ironmen are in the same half do you really believe the Ironmen are nearly five times as likely to be relegated as the Russians?
However it turns out we'll all know the score soon.

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