Friday, October 24, 2014

A Very Special Weekend The Monday Poll

Which pro teams will do the el foldo during this off season? If the flippancy annoys you I apologize--and even agree that it's not really a laughing matter but what else can we do? Last time I checked my wallet wasn't fat enough to support a pro team and that goes for most of y'all as well. Little as we may like it the reality is the pro universe is very likely to do some shrinking this off season and we might as well make the best of it. It's not like we're fiddling while Rome burns--although we are all paintball all the time while arguably the first world slowly spirals out of control. But hey, eat, drink, be merry and vote in The Monday Poll 'cus it may your last. Or not.
Anyway, the poll is simple. It's a list of the PSP pro teams in both Champions and Challengers (minus Vicious). You pick the teams you think won't be around for 2015. Remember, a relegated team is still a team so only choose teams you think will bag it in the off season. Vicious won't be included because they've already made their announcement. Mr.Curious says at least two more teams are definitely gone not including Art Chaos which may or may not be leaving the PSP. (If you think Chaos leaves the PSP but still plays Euroland then don't vote for them because they won't be gone gone--just not playing over here anymore.) It's not rocket science people. So get to voting and I promise that VFTD--unlike the Cook County voting machinery--won't change your vote. What more could you ask for? Go on. Vote.

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