Monday, October 20, 2014

Rumorology 101

Unlike seasons past where Mr. Curious had to sneak through back alleys and steal cell phone conversations out of the aether it appears everybody can hardly wait to leak the latest rumorology. Which is, frankly, a lot easier on Mr. C as he isn't getting any younger. For those keeping score at home--and living under a rock--Vicious will no longer compete in the PSP-- (likely not anywhere else either.) Art Chaos is rumored to be leaving the PSP but has only stated that there may be team news around November 1st. One issue is where do the Russians go--back to Heat? (That's the word and today's announcement from Heat that they're dropping Slowiak, Woodley, Dizon and Devit opens up some slots)--but what if AC intends to continue in the Mills? And Heat also wants to return to Euroland? That may be the crux of any delays in learning what comes next for the elite Russian players.
And of course the Busiere move from Damage to Impact got this year's rumorology rolling almost before the last field was taken down at Fantasy of Flight. Since then Impact has also picked up Brown from Damage and released Park. Word from the Damage camp is that Vanderbyl will stay with Tampa and that Joey is already working the phone hard with initial calls going to a few players he tried to recruit last year, notably from Dynasty and X-Factor.
And with the departure of Velez from Shock the lid begins to slip on the turmoil that camp has been rumored to be in for some time now. Unless the team can work out its differences there may be more defections to follow.
This off season the key to unlocking some likely outcomes is location, location, location. For the majority of teams and pro players the bank vault doors won't be thrown wide open and there are no guarantees spots will be available. Despite a handful of high fliers most pro teams don't have the resources to either cherry pick or pay players which means the majority of opportunities for those players will come from close to home--or they won't come at all.

Finally in an unrelated rumor it has been suggested that GI Sportz acquired PBA (the PSP webcast) when in fact it was the Millennium's webcast.
Remember that teaser I tossed out before Cup? Of a moderately momentous announcement coming soon? Well, its still coming. Definitely this week sometime. Next time though look for 'ROI of Pro Paintball.' (Probably not what you think.)


Bruce Anderson said...

ROI of Pro Paintball? Has to be a negative value.

Anonymous said...

Due to sanctions on RU and frozen assets AC dosent have the funds available at the moment.