Thursday, October 9, 2014

World Cup Thursday

Divisional play began today under nearly cloudless skies of cornflower blue and temperatures hovered comfortably under 90 degrees. I say comfortably somewhat tongue in cheek but according to the weather forecast today was (or will be) the coolest day of the extended weekend. Time will tell but if you thought today was too hot best get ready. On the plus side there's no inclement weather currently being forecast but this is Florida so there are no guarantees. The action played out on nine fields. Tomorrow the pro matches begin as will the webcast occupying the 10 Race-To fields here at Fantasy of Flight. Also tomorrow the operations crew will set-up the 10-man field between the pro fields and the lake. And in a change from last year the UWL games will take place at a separate location.
Across the divisions there were a lot of fairly lop-sided matches whether that is attributable to the layout though is unclear. There was also a fair amount of rather sloppy play too that I expect to tighten up as the event progresses. Certainly by Sunday play will likely slow down as the remaining player and team skills continue to improve and the pressure to succeed begins to weight on the competitors.
Catch all the pro action available on the PBA webcast beginning around 8-8:15am Friday morning  Every match counts and with World Cup on the line the matches should provide great drama and intensity. More from VFTD tomorrow as we begin to see who will be playing past the prelims.

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