Thursday, October 16, 2014

In 2015 I'd like the PSP to ...

Here is your chance to offer a little constructive criticism of the 2014 product with the goal of improving the league in the future. Odds are some changes will be made in the off season--they usually are--and there's no reason that a few really good or really popular ideas might not make the grade this time around. Anyway, got a suggestion or two I'd like to hear them and if you have something positive to say about 2014 I'm sure it wouldn't go amiss. And even if all you want to do is vent fell free to deliver a rant. Extra credit for both brutal and funny.
Everybody always wants to add their two cents--here's your opportunity--take advantage of it.


andrew redakuma constant said...

Great reffing at both wco and cup. Areas for improvement.... Chrono judge needs to move and be more efficient in getting teams chronoed. Head ref should have Mic to announce team s on, deck and in the hole. Head ref should also know what on deck, and in the hole means. Id checks should not be done as a team is stepping through the net to start their point. Especially if the Id screw up is psp staff's fault. Finally psp crews need to realize divisional teams are their customers, and should be treated with at least some respect and decency. Score keepers yelling at players because they are behind on the math, should not happen. Oh and score keepers should have at least some tournament paintball sorry for almost pulling you out of a golf cart on Sunday

Anonymous said...

12 bps cap, semi-auto. No more ramp

Anonymous said...

for one i think they need to go to a consistent bps accross all divisions, i think a move down to 10.2 for everyone would be nice. !0 bps is enough to still hold lanes but it makes it harder for people with shitty gun skills to hide behind a full auto gun. Also the reffing was so inconsistent from field to field on the divisional level. I completely understand the penalties and everything that goes with tournament paintball, but the fact is by refs being incosistent on the same field it can completely change the outcome of a game, if on one side pack hits are majors and the other side of the same field they are calling playing on with obvious hits a minor this was a big deal that i saw at just about every event this year. Entry fees are too much money to get reffing that inconsistent.

Pestybolllocks said...

I’m an old skool baller come back to the sport, and my things have changed over the 7 years since I left.
Firstly the PSP (and the Millennium) are to be congratulated on what they have done. The format looks a lot more interesting, and the webcasts open up ‘participation’ to a new level.
Which struck me as a strange move – the PSP charging for it.

Now I understand the economics of it - the need to pay for it, fine.
But doesn’t it shut off future audiences?
I’m mean if you have a casual, or passing interest, and want to know more - that you close off your audience by asking them to cough up?

Having said that I did put my hand in my pocket for the World Cup, and it didn’t disappoint. Little touches were nice, like the team exposition at the start of each Match, and the Player stats.
Maybe now each of these guys will get the kudos they deserve for playing at such a level.

Couple of small suggestions – maybe an graphic on the Webcast, where the commentators can mark and explain plays.
Like on a football show, using arrows to show line of fire, or directional plays, etc etc.

Secondly – they need to sort out the website. It’s not very intuitive to navigate through.
It needs to be de-cluttered a little.

Lastly, I think the promotion of the world cup – and maybe this is true of the Millennium Series more - needs to hit outside of their already captive audience.
Why do we not see banners for it on say, or promoted at the grass roots level - at the punter fields. This may already happen in the States, but it certainly doesn’t happen in the UK.

But it’s fantastic sport, and has a fantastic future. I very much look forward to the next 7 years.

Anonymous said...

Please do something about the horn/sound to start games. It is not a player's fault when a horn on the adjacent field sounds 1 second before the horn on the field of play, and the player false starts.

Bruce Anderson said...

Super visible shells on the paint - I want to see the lanes.

Better camera angles - show us the important gun fights that can settle games. Too often I hear an announcer saying that someone lost a gun-fight: show us this gun fight please.

Anonymous said...


Make PSP Chicago a safer event. Find a contractor that needs to dump some earth somewhere and get 10 dumptruck loads on that playing area right now.

In all divisions, teams with a 3-1 record go head to head against the lowest qualifier for the next round.

Teams that haven't won an event in their division shouldn't be forcibly promoted into the next one.

There needs to be a ref that stands further back from the field of play. Maybe even in a lifeguard tower like tennis. How many times do we spectate a game and readily see how obvious some calls are or, especially, catch things that are unnoticed by the officials. Reason being the refs have too narrow a view watching a single player at a time.

Some refs should be laying down in front of the players sharing the angle of the paint. This should reduce penalties by calling the player out immediately.


Get a divisional correspondent for Webcast divisional finals. The announcers talking about Ryan Greenspan's instagram and cultural interactions on his trip to Egypt during a World Cup final match is a mockery to the dedication these teams have.

Get Lasoya out of the announcer's booth and get him on the field discussing the layout. Maybe a "Field Walk" where he discusses potential moves and why they're possible. Especially something he might do as a player looking at the layout.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see all divisions move down to 10.2. It seemed to work well for the pros, and even if it's only a trivial amount, it saves some paint which saves a little money which we all know the people in this sport need. I'd like to be able to complain about penalties and reding, but they do their jobs as well as the crazy game allows them to. As for the pros, I'm a huge fan of the challengers/champs divisions and don't see that going anywhere.
When it comes to the webcast I'd love to see some consistency in features, as in 2012 Phoenix and Chicago when they had the top 10 plays feature, and some other events where players broke down the layout during commercial breaks. Those things should stick around every event as they really enhance the whole experience of understanding the game and being able to enjoy watching it as a result. Also as some people have already said I'd love to see more breakdowns of games like they did for last years World Cup final between factor and impact, where they had arrows on the screen explains player moves and lanes, except do this during the love game instead of afterwards in a breakdown vid. Other than that, PBA and the PSP put on great events.

Baca Loco said...

I managed to keep my seat. :)
Re: chrono judges. If it proves to be an issue in the future address it with your head ref at that time and escalate as needed. That's the best time to deal with it. Keep in mind too that the players need to be on the field in a sufficiently timely manner to allow for chrono'ing.

At Cup the scorekeeper's tent had the schedules posted but I will make a note of announcing upcoming matches as well.

I agree about ID checks too. I'd like to see ID confirmations and bottle checks done prior to the first point.

754 Anon
Semi-auto doesn't exist with electro-pneumatic markers but you can play "semi-auto" in the PSP all day long if you wish.

1135 Anon
Consistency in calls is job 1. It is a focus of the new training clinics and we continue to work on ways to get all the refs on the same page as much as possible.

I think you can also expect to see a unified ROF at some point as well.

Webcast matches are eventually posted to the YouTube channel so while live isn't universally available the matches are.

611 Anon
This is an ongoing problem but one where incidents have been reduced considerably. There are a couple of different measures on the table to hopefully further reduce the number of false starts due to near simultaneous horns.

I think the bright shell is worth experimenting with but I'm not convinced it will make a noticeable difference.

As to camera angles etc. I think as the technical crew gains experience they will improve on delivering the critical moments of a point more frequently.

Demetri Ninios said...

These are just a set of things that come to mind, and on some no I don't have a solution just throwing them out there :)

1. shorten the intermission time, 2 minutes as a spectator seems like an eternity especially when points go under 2 minutes.

2. Over time rule, Should go straight into 1on1's, both teams had the whole match 5 on 5 and couldn't finish it let's see who is going to go out there and get it for their team.

3. Reffing was great this year, no complaints there, but I do feel like going into 2015 some calls get reviewed by the webcast. But that's just icing on the cake.

4. Eliminate coaching ( as best you can) I feel like that's the direction we need, as we have come to realize this year a lot more game changing moves occur.

That's all I got for now.

NewPro said...

The field walk by lasoya or whomever, great idea, it will be a nice addition to the already implemented NFL style penalty announcing.

Cut-outs to other divs instead Pr, maybe with a different web crew to give matty and them a break. For the love of god, lets get a true color commentary/play-by-play combo instead of the current "who tells the oldest story"..they put on a fantastic show but every player from 8 years old to 58 knows that lasoya, "loves the middle" lol.

Slava CPS said...

PRO and Challengers . I like this idea but I think PRO should play vs Challengers to be relegated . If Challenger so good he needs to beat PRO to get his spot ! Really there is no sense of PRO playing against PRO for that .

Liam92 said...

change to 10BPS. it works fantastic here in euroland and having played at 12bps its a totally different feel to the game. More athleticism involved at 10bps in my opinion.