Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Extreme Paintball: Without the Paint

(H/T to PBReserve) Its being claimed that Procaps is charging their pro teams for paint overages against their sponsorship limits. I don't doubt it's true but I'm not convinced it's altogether new. Years ago, but not too many, my then team went substantially over in its annual allotment (using Draxxus) and got called to account for that overage. Now exactly how aggressively Procaps pursued that overage payment I don't recall for sure but as I remember it another sponsor took on (some of) that charge. Take that last bit with a grain of salt as I wasn't directly involved in the process and didn't really want to be.
Otherwise I'm kinda ambivalent about this situation. Pro teams have a history of not being terribly responsible even though the last couple of years have put the screws to everybody. So if this is what has to happen then I guess I'm okay with it. You know, if you want free paint from the Procaps crowd it takes some brass ones to agree to one number and then blithely shoot however much you feel like and expect somebody else to pick up the tab. (Yeah, I know, that's happened before too but still.)
And on the flipside you got all those am level teams shooting wheelbarrows full of paint and paying for it themselves. (Irrespective of the assorted deals that get done with stores and fields.) How sympathetic are they gonna be? Not very would be my guess.
And the numbers given looked to me to be on the high side for the current environment. Almost nobody gets those kind of numbers anymore.
Lastly, maybe this will help make the case I tried to make last off season about practice. The standard is to go out and run scrimmage points on the tourney field against a competitive opponent. It works pretty well but it also burns paint like a Hummer sucks down unleaded. Maybe it's time to run a series on how to practice without using so much damn paint. If you're interested let me know 'cus that's gonna be some real work.


pbreserve said...

Drop me a line when you have a chance, pbreserve @ gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Seems to be right move - sponsored teams are so unresponsible about paint... As an event organiser, I saw many times 'big' teams throw away up to 20% (tube paint, leftovers in open boxes, 'bad bounce paint' etc). And the lower division's teams fighting for every extra bag of paint.

Anonymous said...

Reballs on the rebound?

Missy Q said...

Shouldn't the pro's need less paint for events anyway? The ROF is shrinking, and surely they are better and more skillful players. I played with Tiberius pistol last week, and shot 5 guys using an 8-shot clip - and I'm not even that good...