Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're All Meeting at Waffle House

Okay, another blogger surprise (for me.) After slipping behind the emerald curtain and entering command central where all the ugly, dirty, hard work of blogging goes on I discover a follower lurking within. Apparently this follower thing is a new feature or gadget available from blogger and now I got's one. My first inclination was to call Orkin but then I looked a little deeper. Turns out I was at his website last weekend looking to pick up some tres kewl apparel so I decided to hold off on the exterminator. Maybe it's just the "follower" thing that's throwing me. The vibe is a junior high stage production of Invasion of the Body Snatchers--but that's probably just me.
Anyway, seems I can list stuff like that as well as a blog list of (paintball) places I hit so maybe, just maybe it'll find it's way to the sideber in the near future.
EDIT ADDED: that's the problem with late late night posting. It now reads to me as if the whole thing just creeped me out and that wasn't my sleep deprived intent. Given who it is I actually think it's both bizarre and awesome. It's just the term follower makes it sound like I'm working the Carkus Cult Dreamology schtick or something--which, trust me, I'm not.

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