Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Viral Paintball

What's going on all of a sudden? In the last month of making the usual website rounds my computer has been attacked 4 times. The front page of three different sites have been (were or perhaps still are) infected by some lame malware that my firewall etc. kicked to the curb but it's something new in my experience. And I'm not liking it very much.
I don't want to talk down anybody but it ain't cool.
Anybody else having the same problem?


original-anonymous said...

Welcome to the future. Surfing the internet is a dangerous game of chance baca, for many reasons. Come on, you know this. From malware to posts by chris raehl everywhere, the landmines never end. =)

god im a dick..

Baca Loco said...

Of course but I figured, apparently naively, that was largely the province of compulsive porn surfers, Nigerian bank hoaxes and third world mail order meds.

And yes, you are.

original-anonymous said...

Alot of people talking about paintball on tv on pbreserve. I would love to hear your take on the discussion.

raehl said...

I resemble that remark....

Paintball on television that people actually see is expensive. To be successful, it's the last step, not the first step, and paintball has not done any of the things that need to be done to get paintball on TV funded by out-of-industry sources, and the industry just can't afford it anymore.

pbreserve.com said...

Hey Baca!

Re sites kicking out viruses..Pbstar and who else?