Tuesday, September 2, 2008

PGi is gone

After twenty years. It's a real loss to paintball and a personal loss as well. I was fortunate enough to have been a part of the PGi family for over 4 years and enjoyed every moment of it. I'd also like to take a moment to publically thank Steve Duffy (editor, group editor, masochistic mountain biker), Matt Tudor (publisher), Ant Jones (editor), Jason Manning (sales & editorial and all-purpose paintball slave) and finally Pete Robinson (master of the universe). Steve in particular was instrumental in my opportunity with PGi.
PGi had a unique style and wit. And in recent years it pushed the envelope on what a paintball publication could and should be. It was the first (and sometimes only mag) to consistently tackle the controversial issues of the day. It will be missed.

Edit: Seems there is the usual confusion around the net about parts of this. What about WELT? There is every intention for WELT, the digital mag, to continue production. Adding to the transition problems August is vaca month for the Eurokids so everyone is just getting back to their cubicles.

Additional edit: The other reason I posted two full past columns, besides their relevance to a current topic of interest, was to demonstrate how PGi was different. No other mag would have published either of those columns and in fact other paintball mags have either rejected or spiked similar columns since.


original-anonymous said...

The sad part is how this has been handled. PGI ultimately is trying to just migrate completely online. Now it appears that everything is dead, which from my understanding is simply not the case.

pbreserve said...

robbo must have been under the influence of too many steroids when he let that cat out of the bag. talk about mishandling things.