Saturday, November 15, 2008

Here in Chilly San Diego

It's Saturday evening and last time I checked the final standings from the pro games still weren't posted--oops, now they're up. Could somebody put an event in Cali when it's actually warm? Geez. I'm not suggesting July and I'm sure it seems fabulous to most everybody else but every time I come to Cali it's colder here than at home. Fine, I'm done whining--'cus everybody hates a whiner.
I intended to do a mini event revue with a focus on the turnout, vibe, venue and the competition but you shoulda been watching the webcast and at this point you can check the scores to get up-to-date. All the rest will have to wait until Monday. If you were (foolishly) expecting any info on the latest from the vendors it ain't gonna happen. Look, I know it's actually important given the current marketplace but I've never been a gearhead or a gun whore so it's hard to fake real interest especially when it's late and I need sleep. Besides, there must a bunch of other places that will give you the scoop on the newest stuff.
On the plus side the Monday report will have some special extras. Call it a tease--call it a promise. Call me a slacker. It is what it is.


Anonymous said...

So, where's that Monday update?

Baca Loco said...

Monday? Did I say Monday? It's coming as is the other post you want to see.