Friday, November 7, 2008

Pro Circuit News

Okay, the post title was kinda deceptive but what isn't these days? There are some grumblings and rumblings going on out in the hinterland with talk of forming some new regional series around the xball format. Talk is just talk and this is probably not the best time to launch but the prospect of putting into place a couple more foundation pieces to the puzzle is a good thing and irrespective of the Pro Circuit concept it's good for competitive paintball. The fact there are peeps out there willing to consider doing it and excited by the prospect is a good thing in its own right. We'll see.
Got recent quasi-confirmation on another Pro Circuit-like conception percolating as well. And that is all I'm gonna say about it. Yes, I know, that's unsatisfactory and provides less information than a Bill Belichick midweek injury report or a redacted FOIA copy of a Guantanamo interrogation. Can't be helped. Well, of course it could be helped but the best you're gonna get is a hint: I've written about this before, just not on the blog. Only in an old deadtree column or two. (Which makes this as good a time as any to say the deadtree archive will go live tomorrow sometime.)

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