Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reality Seldom Takes a Holiday

Our pals over at pbreserve recently reported the retirement of Kenny Rosenberg but Kenny let them know that, no, he wasn't retiring, just taking some personal time and he'd be back in '09 playing for a team that would financially compensate him, er, pay him. My initial response was, okay, so pbreserve got the story right the first time.
No disrespect to Kenny who is a fine player but if he thinks the credit market is tight now he ought to take a close look at the opportunities available at the pro level in paintball. Especially those that offer compensation above and beyond playing ball. I could list around 50 pro players who lost their spots in the last year or so and most of them aren't playing today, for compensation or otherwise.
I hope Kenny gets what he wants but the point I want to make is aimed at all the ballers out there dreaming of playing pro ball one day. Whatever you've read on the internet or seen in the magazines or heard from a friend of a cousin of the girlfriend of one of the Dynarats if you're playing this game for any reason other than you love it you will be disappointed. Don't give up on the dream but understand that the opportunities are shrinking because the money to support teams and players is shrinking and isn't likely to get better any time soon. Play for the right reasons and you'll seldom be disappointed and everything else will be gravy.


raehl said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who got quite the chuckle at the "play for someone who will compensate him" line.

I'd be surprised if there were even "work at the warehouse to play" jobs left.

JStein said...

In some cases, there aren't "work at the warehouse for work" jobs left.

But there will always be some team owner with more money than sense. Or with enough money that he simply doesn't care if he's paying for something that is usually free.

What people seem to overlook is that there isn't much of a correlation between paying players and winning events. There are just as many teams that pay players and don't consistently perform and teams that don't pay anything and do consistently perform as there are teams that pay and win. Its not just that it is usually free, there is no proven value to it.