Monday, November 10, 2008

New & Improved

Okay. I'm lying again. It's not new--except for the Dead Tree Archive and we've been there and done that. But I've added a couple new features. One is the visible link which appears at the bottom of any post that somebody else has linked to. That way you can follow the links and see what somebody else is saying on the same or a related topic. The other is the Reax (reaction) also at the bottom of each post which is intended to be a shorthand way for you slackers to express your opinions without having to go to all the trouble of posting a comment. The standard blogger offering was really lame (funny, interesting, cool) *yawn* and I'm not convinced mine is much better (dynamite!, cherry bomb, dud) but it will at least communicate your response to each post you care to react to. [Could that have ended more awkwardly? I didn't think so either.]
If you've got any other ideas for Reax let me know. I'll probably change it periodically because I'm easily bored.

UPDATE: for some reason reax isn't working yet. Nothing is wrong with your computer and I'm not insane. (Honestly that second part is open for debate.

SUPER DUPER UPDATE: Hurrah! It's all working correctly. It only took two days and what was left of my hair.

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