Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Classification Question

Seems Aftershock is looking into having a semi-pro team compete in Chicago. Which is swell--the more the merrier--but then I wondered if it was gonna be a one-off deal, sorta like Trauma playing MAO, and if so, what it might mean to the players participating. Obviously in the Trauma situation it wasn't a big deal as all or most of the players would have been ranked no lower than semi-pro anyway. But this Shock situation could be different so I took (another) look at this year's Classification rules.
There are no minimum roster appearances in effect in semi-pro. For example, appear on ONE pro roster this season and you are ranked pro. Appear more than once on any divisional roster and you are that rank automatically. But not in semi-pro so there is some room to maneuver. It would seem that the classification rule in effect is the one for playing above your current rank the one time you may do so without automatically changing ranks. Two divisions up and it's an automatic 100 point score. One division up and it's a minimum 50 plus your team score with a max of 100.
I bring this up (again) because players seldom pay much attention to this sort of thing. I have no idea if this is intended to perhaps go somewhere or if it's supposed to be a one-time fun thing for the local players and fans but whatever it is keep in mind there are classification consequences depending on the incoming rank of the chosen players.

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