Saturday, May 2, 2009

MAO Day 3

You can thank me for the good weather here in Rock Hill. I carried my umbrella with me all day long and as long as I'm prepared it ain't gonna rain. Not that I'm superstitious or anything. (And yes, it came close to raining but took pity on us poor paintballers which kept your webcast immaculate. Again, no need to thank me but donations are gladly accepted.)

Did today's webcast live up to the hype? Damn right it did--and I only saw the Legion / Philly match back at the hotel.

While they didn't make to Sunday it was a treat to see the Trauma kids playing paintball again and even better to see them all together just hanging out. Too often it's easy to forget how transitory this life usually is and too often we take too much of it for granted.

If there were any justice in paintball (or common sense) somebody would make Lu (Lucian Blackburn) Paintball's poster child. I'm just saying.

No photos. That's it. I didn't take any but there are probably millions of them soon to be posted online anyway. It's been a long event all ready and fortunately we ain't done yet. I've still got work to do tonight so I's gonna cut this short. Besides, if you're not watching you don't really care so why should I bother?

Gotta love Sunday. Sunday means winning is within reach. Sunday is what most teams play for. Sunday is when the tournament really starts.


sdawg said...

hot damn, I only got to watch about 30 seconds of the webcast today, and it looks TEH AWESOME. I hail from San Antonio, Tejas, and I gotta ask what happened to X-Factor? They were tearing it up the past two seasons, and now they can't seem to make it to Sunday.

Anonymous said...

X-Factor was a flash in the pan.

They have some good players but just don't seem to be able to get it done.
Like Impact, although I <3 Impact.

Pelc said...

The Webcast was absolutly amazing. I didn't get to watch much but when i was watching it i just wanted to go out there and play. I made it back in time from play for the finals for d1, Semi pro, and pro 3rd and 4th but those games were kinda lame. It's not fun to watch one team blow another out of the water. And of course I missed the pro 1st and 2nd and missed all the good stuff. (stupid birthdays.) Can't wait to see it at the next event. I wonder what else they'll do to make it even better.

Don Saavedra said...

I can tell you that the PSP is 100% dedicated to the webcast, and will not stop introducing improvements until they just can't any more!