Monday, May 4, 2009

Paintball Preview

Hey kids, it's still Monday in a few parts of the world. And since it's Monday that means a new piece has been posted at Baca's Blog over on the Big Bullet. (Bobcat, please disregard this notification.) Today's post is a little rumination on cheating and the hypocrisy of most ballers, and in this case, the holier-than-thou woods types who would sooner sacrifice their first born than play on. Not that I'm a big fan of cheating, I'm just a realist. After all, refs exist for a reason. Come to think of it that's probably the best reason not to cheat. Quit cheating, put a worthless ref out of a job. (Not that all refs are worthless but seriously, the minimum standard ought to be knowledge of the rules.)

Tomorrow's MLP Held Hostage will be the last three events in review as well as the latest from Warsaw.

Also, along with the promised posts from last week that I haven't posted yet there will be the next Xball: Play of the Game post on laning later this week along with another Ask the Coach; Episode 2--Shooting with Either Hand. And adding to the queue will be posts entitled, The X-Factor (about the lifecycle of a pro team) and, Left Coast Bias (which I hope to post shortly.)

Housekeeping. No new recruits enlisted into the DPA last week so no enlistments post. *hint, hint*

Also, if anyone has any questions about the MAO I'd be willing to take a shot at answering so post them in comments. Otherwise, my final remarks will appear in tomorrow's MLP post.


Missy Q said...

Was there, or was there not, a spitting incident involving 2 of Paintballs finest?

Baca Loco said...

I'm gonna need more info, Missy, because unfortunately if there was, I didn't see it. ;)

Missy Q said...

Dynasty Vs Ironmen? Center bunker? Nothing to report?
Thats a real shame...

Anonymous said...

Did Ken from PBV really fire his whole semi squad?

What's the hold up with World Cup's location and date? Do you have any inside info?

Anonymous said...

I would be forever grateful for some details on the two comments above.

Missy Q said...

apparently he hasn't fired them all, at least not officially, and not yet, but Pony has left (after being sat a couple of games) and by all accounts he's now on the Ironmen roster.

Pelc said...

The dynasty ironman thing was with alex and ollie right? Idk if they spit on each other but i know they got into a big arguement.

Mike said...

I'd also like to hear what is to come for PBV Semi Pro...

What's your take on Impact and their consistently inconsistent/mediocre play? Do you think not having Josh Davey this event hurt them?

Baca Loco said...

I'm on this.

Yes, I was watching that game. It was early in the match, within the first two or three points, but I saw no spitting. Dynasty was upset because they thought Ollie had been hit well before he came thru on the Dynasty side of the field and Alex pointed the hit out after the point was over.

I didn't speak to Ken but the word is he's simply going to restructure that PBV squad to compete in D1. Don't know if that's correct or not but if anyone wants to know I 'spect I can find out.

WC location has yet to be determined as no final deal with Disney has been worked out for this season. I'm sure we will all hear as soon as something is finalized.

Regarding Impact (and pro teams in general) I'll have something on point in the post; The X-Factor.

Hippo said...

On Sunday's webcast, Dave Youngblood said that Disney has asked the PSP to move the dates of World Cup to one week later. He said this was due to another event that, in years past, has occurred at the same time as the World Cup. Both events have grown over the years, and there is no longer room for both to occur simultaneously. He stated that the PSP is still considering other options, but it sounded like the most probable scenario is to hold it one week later at the same location.

Anonymous said...

Ken posted the following on

Brandon email me when you can.

Short answers…
Semipro is still a team, and always will be.
Chris and I are still friends, sometimes friends disagree and the best layed plans and ideas dont work the way we thought.
Penalties suck.
We played badly.
Time to fix problems, some players need to grow up a little and move on to the next event.
The weather at MAO was good.
Want to know something about random rumors? Ask me.


anonachris said...

What's interesting is that they can't ask the karate guys to hold their event 1 week later. Especially considering their event is indoors (I'm assuming).
I'm guessing Disney would more than prefer not to have paintball come back. And the rescheduling bit (probably including an unannounced a 50% price increase for the usage fee) is just Disney's way of saying we don't want you.

But maybe I'm just crazy...

I'd actually prefer the event to be in the Orlando area but NOT at Disney. Disney has good infrastructure but the regulator burdens they put on the league are too much.

Baca Loco said...

Crazy like 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' crazy and not 'Son of Sam' crazy.