Monday, May 25, 2009

The Monday Poll & Paintball Stuff

In a dominating performance the PSP website never gave the competition a chance and won going away with 61% of the vote. Congrats, PSP! You have the major league website that blows the most. Better luck next time to the also rans.

Played the Chicago layout some this past weekend and it's everything I expected. Unfortunately.

The new post over at Baca's Blog on the Big Bullet this week is called, 'The Accidental Collector.' Drop by and take a look.

Today's Monday Poll replaces the website poll with a more uplifting, upbeat poll on the Millennium Series. Today's poll question is, 'What is the best feature of the Millennium Series?' The poll will remain open until next Saturday at noon. And don't forget, the MS Bitburg event starts this coming Friday. The MS has decided to seed the CPL & SPL for Bitburg based on the two matches each team completed in Malaga. And it only took them until the week of the event to figure it out and make the announcement.


theone said...

when you say the Chicago layout is everything you expected, I take that to mean bad?

I played it last weekend and can honestly say that it is better than I thought. Although it is VERY obvious that snake side is THE side of the field that pretty much controls the entire game. But, if you put enough guns on that side of the field OTB and take out a runner the d-side does have a chance.

Baca Loco said...

I think it is a less successful design than many of the recent layouts. It tends to reward a defensive posture and it will be an OTB and gunfighting field. That doesn't make it horrible or unplayable. It will also be a layout that requires being laid out correctly as small variations will change a lot of shots and angles.

Missy Q said...

You need a 'none of the above' button on your poll, I was unable to select an answer, from those provided, that I thought could be considered as a 'best feature'.

Baca Loco said...

From the voting so far I can see another lesson on sarcasm wouldn't go amiss, either.

papa chad said...

so, shooting under the "crotch" of the "X" worked for me this past weekend. I actually had a lot of fun with the layout, but like you said, where I was it wasn't set up perfectly and people were telling me that changed a lot of angles 'n' such.

Missy Q said...

Shooting unber the crotch worked for me too last weekend. In fact I was able to rip the crotch early and move inside, unfortunately snapping a mirror in the process. Once inside I was able to use the crotch to vigorously work the snake. Later (much later) I settled down for some dorito action.