Monday, May 18, 2009

Rumor Redux & Paintball Stuff

Another Monday and that means it's time to plug today's post over at the Big Bullet. (Although, as I write this today's post has yet to be posted--but it will be. It's called 'The Mech Warrior' and if you want to know what it's about you'll just have to go see. No shame in my game.)

On the subject of blatant teases there's the current pretend-it's-not-really-a-promotion promotion for the new Impulse from SP. It's a promo piece for Eurodealers that was accidentally released. Sure. And I'm Mary Poppins. A restricted piece for promotion to Eurodealers that doesn't show the new marker or offer any details at all. Nada. Zip. Nothing. How very informative. Seriously, does anyone believe this kind of thing anymore? Apparently so. And no denying that it works. It costs almost nothing and it gets all the gearheads and gun whores happily discussing the possibilities and waiting anxiously for the next tid-bit of non-info while the real product just happens to have an introductory date within the next three weeks.

Regarding the post, 'The Ultimate Paintball Conspiracy,' I have received some queries wondering what sort of backlash might be forthcoming as a result of the post. There won't be any, in part, because I didn't name any names thereby forcing peeps into the position of having to deny something and because I've actually done the new paintball crowd a favor. The talk has existed for years so I do not find it coincidental that vague talk about a new paintball has leaked quietly in a number of places recently. Part of the process is to put the idea out there and gauge public response. My post, regardless of the slant, advances that process.
That does not mean I expect to see a new paintball any time soon. Or ever, necessarily. As I stated in the post I think it unlikely and I'm certainly not advocating it. The idea of a new paintball however isn't the same thing as my opinion of the idea. If my opinions had any bearing on reality there would, for example, have been no TARP, bailouts or the insanity of printing money round the clock. Alas, my opinion is irrelevant.

Tomorrow, along with the usual MLP Weekly Update (which is frequently not very uplifting) I've decided to have some fun and do a Battle of ML Websites--and, who knows, there might even be a poll allowing you lazy slackers an opportunity to not vote. Isn't America great?


chad said...

It's just that hearing industry talk that I would never get to ponder otherwise that really grinds my gears. but no really, I enjoy that so many people converse on here.
anyway, when's the dye poppit coming out?


SSRoman said...

SP's marketing is genius, and enjoyable. I'm guessing a leaked photo will be out just before it's released, but I'm just stating the obvious.

SSRoman said...

I think Dye did (sorta) with the slug.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully SP doesn't tease this for as long as they did with the nerve. I was excited as hell for that gun for over a year and a half and then it turned out to be a huge bust.....