Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monday Poll in Review

On a Sunday. Last week's poll question was: Which league will make the biggest off-season changes? This is a tough call. What is a big change? If the Millennium dropped their locked divisions in the SPL and D1 would that be bigger than if, say, the NPPL went to a capped ROF?

The Review this week is a separate post 'cus I'm hoping to encourage y'all to comment. 58% of the vote went NPPL, while 33% was cast for the PSP and the MS came up a distant third at 7%. Regardless of the percentage let's hear what changes you expect each league to make and explain why one change is a bigger deal than another. And if you've got no idea what's coming what do you think each league ought to do to improve? Or are you a pessimist and expect the biggest changes to be negative ones?

Oh, and one other possible topic of discussion. Which league should make the fewest changes?


J-Bird said...

if the psp is smart they will start to work on becoming consitent in their format and only tweak some of the minor "settings" (i prefer that to rules) of the game.

chaning the format once every other year will kill the 'sport' that they have developed.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Millenium recieved so few votes because most people who read this blog (I'm assuming, possibly wrongly so) are North Americans, and most North Americans don't care what happens in the MS as compared to our leagues here at home.

Missy Q said...

The biggest changes should be from the MS, but no-one will care, so they won't appear to be that major. I feel these changes will be backwards in nature, ie. they will reverse earlier 'changes' that didn't work.

I indicated that the NPPL would make the biggeest changes, because they have to or they won't last another season, which would be a major change in itself.

I think the PSP's changes will be forced on them by the absence of SP as a sponsor. Who knows what the changes will be yet, but the PSP will want to get through another year without losing money, and that will be more difficult that previous years. There may be an ownership shift though, which would constitute major change.

Baca Loco said...

You are correct. There are a few hundred Euro regulars but nothing close to the U.S & Canada numbers.

That's why I was curious about the vote--or at least proposing the question--it could very easily go to any of the three leagues.