Monday, November 2, 2009

The Monday Poll

Buckets of riblets and bottles of Dewar's are disappearing as weary discussions last deep into the night in a secluded corner booth at the neighborhood Applebees. The hum of intense conversation carries strained voices as conference call after conference call amid spates of email process the latest dialogue. And the barely audible percussion of a jolly oompah band hangs suspended in the thick air of a windowless basement room playing counterpoint to the repetitious sound of jangling coins as an antique calculator rapidly converts Euros into Sterling. The PSP and NPPL 3.0 (USPL) are already hard at work on the 2010 season. Even the MS have leaked the unconfirmed dates and locations for next season in a likely bid to appear proactive compared to last year' s indecision. Long talks are taking place and big decisions are being made. Change is in the air, but how much? Will there be rules changes? Will there be format changes? Will there be entry and or prize changes? Will there be more or fewer locked divisions in major league paintball? The list of unknowns is long. The time grows shorter everyday. Decisions are likely to be announced earlier than ever in order to give potential sponsors and teams an opportunity to fully prepare and make decisions of their own.

This week's Monday Poll asks Which league will make the biggest off-season moves?

Monday Poll in Review
Last week wanted to know which teams would be playing PSP semi-pro in 2010. Across the board the vote was soft--even on the listed teams that played semi-pro last year; XSV, RNT, Aftermath 2 and PBV--with no team receiving more than 68% of the vote. (I am, of course, discounting the possibility than some percent of the voters were semi-literate goobers who only voted for one team instead of all the teams they thought would be playing semi-pro next year. Your calculation may differ.) In general existing Race 2 (xball) teams were preferred over the majority of the rumored 7-man candidates although Xplict, Arsenal and Mutiny all received notable percentages. Otherwise, much of the voting seemed either a smattering of the usual suspects or a reflection of voters favorite teams. And in something of a surprise the poll proved to be of less general interest than VFTD expected.


Anonymous said...

where is the "none of the above" option in this week's poll ? ;)

Baca Loco said...

By definition somebody has to make the biggest move--even if it ain't much of a move--but I get your point and it just the sort of cynical, knowing point VFTD appreciates.

Anonymous said...

Is folding a move?

Anonymous said...