Friday, November 13, 2009

VFTD Stuff

Right, I missed last week's enlistment announcement. Maybe the last couple of weeks. Oops. Not like it mattered as the DPA has actually lost a member. I blame the economy. I'll try to keep up but if anyone does decide to enlist drop me a note so I don't overlook anyone else. Thanks.

UPDATE: Is the lost recruit back or is there a new enlistee? Help me out.

Remember my effort a couple (or more?) weeks ago to try and stop the onslaught of "friends" dropping Facebook requests into Baca's emailbox? Well, it didn't work very well. In fact, it only precipitated an ongoing wave of daily requests that continue to clutter the place up. So, I'ma try a new tactic--I surrender. I will be converting the Facebook page into a VFTD-oriented page (maybe this weekend sometime) and hopefully it will be possible to do all the cool internet friends thing without my direct participation. If not--well, I guess I'll cross that bridge when the time comes. Maybe y'all can hang out and be friends with each other.

Picking up the 'Name That Penalty' series next week, probably on Tuesday. Finishing those posts will have priority so unless something big comes up ...

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