Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update from Germany

Last weekend news of a police raid on a German tournament hit the web. Initially there were on scene reports that video was shot during the raid and would be edited and posted online. Since then the only posted video has been removed and no additional videos have been posted. A VFTD correspondent reports that almost all mention of the raid have been removed from German paintball sites and it appears a decision was made not to disseminate information about the raid. The basis for this decision is unclear although there seems to be single thread aimed at connecting with the persons involved.
Is the German paintball community being intimidated or acting on advice of legal counsel?

In other related news it is beginning to appear that the raid was retaliation of a sort. VFTD is told the field owner who was raided had previously tipped off the police to the unlicensed operation of a local competitor who was subsequently shut down. Coincidentally the shut down field had strong ties to the new GI Milsim.

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