Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Burning Question

What's up with the exploding trend of limited edition fugly color combination guns? Is it marketing genius or a sign of desperation?


papa chad said...

aqua and brown! yussssss

haha. thanks planet eclipse, now everyone shoots goofy guns to go with their purple and lime flex with mirrored lense and a punk rawk strap.
and urban camo pants.

metro-sport my ass, none of these kids have style.

Mark790.06 said...

It's a time saver for tards who can't leave ugly enough alone.

Nads said...

I think it's a genius way of using up parts from the various parts bins. Need to get rid of some pink eye covers, etc.? Slap 'em on a brown gun, call it a limited edition, and step three... great profit.