Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miscellaneous Paintball Ramblings

Big news from PALS (that doesn't include an end run around the existing league.) Our friends at Villian Paintball reported recently there will be a PALS event in China next year. The report includes a statement from the PALS peeps. This is a big deal as it's a hopeful sign that China may be receptive to paintball as it could provide a huge new market.

Latest word on KEE move to Arkansas is that Chicago area offices are most likely to be moved to Arkansas when the leases are up soon. That may mean corporate HQ will stay in New Jersey. At least more than a few current employees and New Jerseyites who are hopeful that's what it means.

The kids at ProPaintball posted a guest post from regular VFTD commenter "be smart" regarding the potential for serious heat-related issues at the MAO--after the PSP issued a warning of the possible dangers--suggesting that going one step further and modifying the schedules might be worth doing so that everyone (more or less) gets some respite from the projected heat. Which is all well and good. I don't expect the league to shuffle the schedules at this point and that's fine too. The part I didn't understand was all the animosity reflected in the comments. Heat and hydration issues have come up before and will come up again. What the hell is the matter with some people? And, no, I'm not going soft in my old age. It just strikes me as a bout the dumbest possible stand to take; screw you, drink water and anyway, heat stroke ain't so bad. Really?

Last but definitely not least there has been talk floating around the paintballosphere about a new, virtually unknown, paintball company for some time now. It's rumored to be a paintball manufacturing company. I first caught wind of it some weeks ago but have been sitting on it hoping to get some real meaty details. In the last week or so it seems the word has gotten out but so far the meaty details remain a secret--or so it would seem--as it appears that nobody knows much at this point. If you like enigmas wrapped in mystery and surrounded by secrecy this the conspiracy for you. More when I can confirm it.


Twisted Games Of Texas Paintball said...

I assume you are alluding to this (as posted on PBX3):

After 8 years of research and development, HydroTec™, has made a breakthrough in paintball manufacturing technology. This new technology is a paintball, precision engineered specifically for the game and the environment in which it is played. If you are a business owner in the sport, you cannot afford to miss Paintball Extravaganza International in Anaheim, California this September. HydroTec™ is poised to change the industry forever. One of the creators and President of HydroTec™, Paul Ciesiun, will be giving a keynote speech on September 14, 2010 to reveal his groundbreaking advancements in paintball manufacturing.

“This product is going to change the game of paintball,” said Chuck Hendsch, VP of Sales and Marketing for HydroTec™. “It will give field owners and players a far greater experience over any other paintball out there. I am very excited to introduce HydroTec™ to the paintball industry.”

HydroTec™ is not only just groundbreaking technology, but also a paintball company that aims to help grow the sport. “With the features and benefits of this new technology, we have a unique opportunity to reinvigorate the industry and the game we all have come to love,” said Paul Ciesiun, President of HydroTec™. Be one of the first to hear why HydroTec™ is the future of paintball. For details sign up for Paul Ciesiun’s presentation of HydroTec™ on September 14th at Paintball Extravaganza International in Anaheim, California.

For more information on the event or on how to sign up for the keynote presentation please visit or email us at

Guess we will all find out next month!

Baca Loco said...

There you go, Kim. I may still scoop that announcement. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lead by none other than the only guy that falls up, Mr. Chuck Hendsch himself.

Missy Q said...

Crazy that Paul is still trying to break into the industry. I wonder if he has any legs this time around.