Friday, August 13, 2010

MAO Day 1

Just a short post. It's late 'cus our games were late. We didn't get away from the venue 'til a bit after 6pm. I'd like to tell y'all we were rockin' & rolling and swept through the day's matches. Unfortunately it wouldn't be the truth. (The post title is a link to the day's pro scores.) Today we faced Dynasty & the Ironmen. The truth is we have yet to play the way we practiced this layout. Oh, sure, we talked about getting a strong jump out of the gate. We talked about being on point and focused on the job at hand from the sound of the first horn--but, but we couldn't quite pull it off. In the Dynasty match it was nit and tuck for a while until we got a major. We killed the penalty and won that point. It seemed to give us a boost of confidence and when Dynasty got a penalty we were able to press the advantage and get the win. Facing the Ironmen we got behind early and the Ironmen kept fighting. Even after we came back and got the match into overtime the Ironmen refused to lose. The day's wars left us 1-1. We have 2 more tomorrow and we need them both. (By the numbers we might make Sunday with another split but the goal isn't just to show up.)
In case you were wondering--yeah, it's bloody hot. The field is in excellent condition and the PSP extended our time between points to two minutes in response to the heat. More of the same tomorrow.

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