Monday, August 23, 2010

Is There A Method To The Madness?

The answer is, yes, of course, there's a method to the madness--and I'm curious. Which particular madness am I referring to? (Given that Paintball is prone to all sorts of insanity.) The madness that is the latest edition of ProPaintball's Pro Power Rankings. No, I haven't changed my mind about the power rankings. Still love 'em. Still think they are good fun for everybody and a great way to generate interest in the pro game--from the borderline pathological to the casual conversation. All good, all the time.
Having glanced over the latest results though I'm curious about an aspect (or two) of the methodology at work. In particular how the issue of two different leagues plays out when only some of the ranked teams compete in both. Clearly, it's a factor as the top 4 teams all compete in both but it does create some potential controversies as well. How does one reasonably compare Vicious with Mutiny, for example. Are the rankings shaded in favor of one league or the other? Can any team that doesn't play both realistically end up on top of the rankings? Would a team that plays both but performs poorly in one be penalized compared to a team that only played one or the other?
Methodology aside, nobody wins or loses on the internet, so it really doesn't matter--but, even so, I can't help but be curious.


Missy Q said...

I agree. Damage should definititely be No.1...

Baca Loco said...

Not after MAO