Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mr. Curious: special weekend edition

It seems that J-Rab's inability to be two places at the same time is causing an as yet to be resolved issue. Red Legion (apparently) has a pre-MAO practice scheduled for this coming weekend and expects him--not unreasonably--to attend. You know, the whole contract and money thing. At the same time the NPPL's DC Challenge is happening this coming weekend and J-Rab is also supposed to play with TB Damage. (Hence the problem with not being in two places at one time.) (Btw, is that a first ever use of the word 'hence' in a paintball related statement? Fingers crossed.) Just in case Justin opts for practice TBD will also be bringing in Damage regular Chad Busiere for the 7-man event.

UPDATE: As the Paintball Turns. Looks like J-Rab will play on Saturday but be unavailable on Sunday as the Legion are having some visa issues and won't arrive now until Saturday late. Meanwhile Ramzi has backed out (with a sore back) and left us scrambling for a replacement. Fingers crossed its been handled. There are starving players in third world countries desperate for these opportunities.


be smart said...

I will use 'quandry' since you used 'hence'. . not exactly waxing poetically but it sounds appropriate.

Chad Busiere is one of the young Pros that has come into his own (their is a lag in the public recognition of this, but i digress).

He has an excelelent kiil per game avg and IF Justin doesnt make it no doubt Chad will be doing that thing he does down the D's.

Don Saavedra said...

The price of being 2009's Player of the Year.

Baca Loco said...

Geez, you guys could'a asked for a different price. And here I thought it was an award.

Missy Q said...

I use Hence all the time. Hence, you are not the first to use it. Hence, Missy FTW.

Is this the first time we have ever seen 'Missy FTW' used in a paintball conversation??

Mark790.06 said...

Excellent KPG average sure, but can Chad feast!?!?!?

Baca Loco said...

First--and last.


Dan said...

what did J-rab decide? Or did he find a clone machine?

Baca Loco said...

Justin will be practicing with the Legion. And for the soap opera fans Ramzi has backed out with a bad back last minute leaving us short again. We will have a couple of options though and should get some field time to prep before Saturday's prelims.