Saturday, November 6, 2010

Latest Blog Changes

Aight, slackers. I am more or less done fooling around with VFTD. For now. There is now a link to my VFTD Facebook page down on the sidebar by the Twitter link and the Feedburner. While way too many of y'all are plugged into Facebook I know you're all still slackers. So for those of you who can't be bothered to join the Deadbox Puppet Army and haven't yet registered for Facebook if you like VFTD do me a favor and click--one time--might take two seconds (you got two seconds to spare, right? You know you do)--the "like" button on the sidebar right below About. What could it hurt? VFTD will not collect your personal information, sell it to any third party or harass you with spam. Go on, it's safe. Besides, you know you like VFTD. It's a guilty pleasure.

UPDATE: Almost forgot. There's a new picture on the sidebar below Baca's buisness card. In keeping with my ongoing one-sided feud with Catshack Reports I wanted everyone to know that VFTD is not Catshack approved. (It's also a link to the site.) and, yes, it's a silly joke. If you were a regular follower of VFTD on Twitter you would be used to the occasional litter joke--and worse. Paintball needs to be more fun so lighten up.


Furby said...

Why wouldn't you be Catshack Approved?

Baca Loco said...

At a guess I would say it's because neither of us have ever requested a link back from the other.

Anonymous said...

you're just not using the right 'litter' is my guess