Monday, November 29, 2010

The Monday Poll

I was gonna go with a where will Ollie play next year poll but I resisted the urge to go with the obvious. Then I thought how 'bout a will there be an Open or Semi-pro division in the PSP this year poll? But then I thought, naw, boring--and unlikely. Unless you organized on the cheap; modest entry, minimal prizes at best, mostly just an option to see if it's possible to begin to draw back into the MLP game some of the high classification players lost. Of course the PSP could do that for Cup, kinda like Masters perhaps?
Anyway, according to last week's poll there's a significant number of players the voters have little faith in--so who is most likely to replace lost pros? Which team is most likely to make the jump? Yeah, instead of multiple guess where y'all pick as many teams as you want this time you only pick the single most likely team. Then we'll see what you know, or think you know before word begins to leak out--'cus there are teams seriously making the calculation and considering the leap.

UPDATE: Wad'daya mean the TonTons are already pro? I just them at Cup playing D1.

Monday Poll in Review
Wow! 20 pro teams played some or all of the events in one or both of the two major leagues and you people gave only 7 of those teams better than a 75% of playing pro in 2011. Of those 7 none was over 80% (Red Legion & Vicious). The rest of the 7 were Damage (78%), Impact (76%), Dynasty (78%), Infamous (77%) & Ironmen (78%). Of the 13 remaining teams none exceeded 50% except for Aftershock (59%). The next closest sees 4 teams in the 40's; Blast (47%), Avalanche (43%), X-Factor (40%) & XSV (42%). Fortunately this vote appears to be more a referendum of name recognition and favoritism than anything else.
On the one hand it also looks poor for the NPPL crew as most of the lowest rated teams are also exclusively NPPL teams but again, that strikes me as more commentary of the voters connection and perceptions about those teams than anything else.
What if though we combined this poll with the discussion of NPPL team/owners boycotting the PSP. What if, instead of just Dynasty and Impact it was all the crossover teams with an ownership stake? According to this poll that would leave no more than 5 returning established pro teams and questions exist with at least two of those regarding their viability for 2011. Is 5 acknowledged pro teams enough to legitimize a pro division? Hey, I'm not advocating anything, I'm just asking. Realistically I expect both leagues to be down at the pro level in 2011.


bronc said...

One thing I find interesting is that the NPPL is at least getting new "pro" teams, however they are doing it. Teams at least see an open door and a path to go down, which is leading to the new teams popping into (and out of) the pro bracket.

I can't say we're seeing the same thing happening in the PSP. Why is that do you think (speculation welcome!)?

Baca Loco said...

Simple answer to that, Bronc. The bar to playing NPPL is cash (or services). The bar to playing PSP is (mostly)fear (of not being competitive.)
The other thing they see is a prospect to grow and build something sustainable.

Anonymous said...

Counting fail.

New Pro teams to NPPL in 2010:
Vancouver Vendetta

New Pro teams to PSP in 2010:

Baca Loco said...

That makes two of ya 'cus Entourage went both ways in 2010. And XSV was in a bind. Pro in NPPL already and expecting when they went Semi-pro to work back up another year back in S-P with newcomers jumping past them? Hard to let that happen.

Anonymous said...

I know little about running a pro team aside from the fact that it brings a pretty heavy bottom line. My votes were for those teams that I know can make the bottom line, regardless of other situations or drama.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the bagging on the NPPL all of a sudden. It seems there is an ultra-partizan thing going on at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Entourage is not on the 2010 NPPL Pro team rankings.